On the evening of Fagan Sud 8th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Acharya, saint, celebate etc. is activity (means) and Maharaj and Muktas are cause (goal). One should get fulfilled by getting attached with mind, karma, and words to them by recognising them. The happiness and peace which is there in the goal i.e. Maharaj and Muktas, is not there in means; even then some only talk of means but do not remember the goal. By talking about means only, one cannot achieve the goal i.e. the Murti. The happiness of Maharaj can only be had if Muktas give it. Murti cannot be had by scripture also. Therefore satsang should be recognised in satsang. Just as the Ganga flows from gaumukhi, the Ganga in the form of happiness of the greatness of Shriji Maharaj comes from the mouth of the Anadi Mukta. But some come to associate without faith and trust, and go away empty handed and ignore by considering us as as ordinary human beings. There is faith in scripture but the opinion of scripture is known by great Muktas only. By serving Muktas, we become aware of our mistakes. Our mistakes disappear by the pleasure of great Muktas. Therefore, Muktas should be served with sincere feelings and our feelings for them should be that of the preceptor and God then only we can imbibe their virtues.

Then the teacher named Jagannath of village Godhavi said, “This can be understood if there are blessings of Muktas.” Bapashri replied, “Blessings come right from Akshardham but people of this world call the cow as a tiger, people say such words that describes the faults of Muktas and get him separated. Then he is kidnapped by thieves like passion, anger, etc. Our motto is to take Jiva to Murti i.e. the goal and make him bodily free from the means i.e. satsang. The happiness believed to be outside Murti is ignorance which should be avoided and all activities should be done by dwelling in Murti but should not do any activity by keeping aside Maharaj. When in this temple the heavy stone could not be lifted by four persons, saint Haripriyadas lifted it by his ego keeping aside those four persons. Swami Aksharjivandasji told him that it was not well done that he lifted the stone with ego by forgetting Shriji Maharaj. All activities should be done keeping Maharaj with us and for the pleasure of Maharaj and great Muktas but not for praise or honour. When a saint has the same value for refuse and gold, he is called saint. One should not make any change in following the rule of Dharmamrut and Nishkamshuddhi even if the taste of salt and sugar has become the same for him. Then only there will be happiness of Murti and he is the only perfect saint. One should always keep the company of his who behaves according to the commands and make others to behave accordingly and make others leave their undesirable resolution, but it is very difficult for Jiva. He associates with Muktas but does not behave according to the commands of Shriji Maharaj-he gives loss to Muktas. There were ninety devotees who ate only flour mixed with water all the while, they violated directives and gave loss to Sadguru Shri Gunatitanand Swami. Today also some behave against the commands of satsang and criticizes the Swamishri. You are coming for the association but for the heaven’s sake please do not give loss by violating commands of Mahaprabhuji. Formerly our Muktas used to eat flour added with water and some times when they did not get it, they fasted and when they become very hungry they would eat clay taken out from the pond. You also want to become like them therefore do not opt for sense-objects. If you want to be renouncer, do not wish the comfort of body and do not get bound by nature and supernatural power. If you are bound by nature, supernatural power, inanimate maya, animate maya, honour, anger, etc., you cannot reach to Murti. Just as when the horse is tied by rope it cannot go anywhere till the rope is not broken. Similarly, if you do not break ropes (worldly objects) stated above, you will not able to reach Murti.” || 135 ||