On the evening of Bhadarva Vad 10th, Bapashri along with all saints and devotees went to Kakarvadi to bathe. After bathing, they sat under babul tree and performed mental worship. Then Bapashri said, “Saints! Initiate questions and I would reply.”

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “In the 4th question of the 70th Vachanamrut of the First Chapter of Gadhada there is an example of a thief. What is the meaning of village in it? Who should be known as a thief? Who should be known as saint? What is the meaning of foot? What is a meaning of thorn? What is the meaning of swelling of the foot? Who should be known as a king? What is the meaning of treasure? What is the duty (dharma)? Who should be known as parents? Who should be known as relatives? What is the meaning of army? What is the meaning of shooli (death penalty was given on this kind of instrument)? Bapashri replied, “The village means the world. The thief means Jiva. The saint means satpurush. The foot means antahkaran (conscience) and the thorn means knowledge. The swelling of foot means conscience becomes perfect with knowledge. The king means God. The treasure means scripture. Wealth means sensual objects. Parents means Prakruti-Purush. Relatives mean senses and the army means Kal (yam-god of death). Shooli means Yampuri. If Jiva enjoys sensual objects by crossing limits of scriptures bound by God, Kal will take it to Yampuri and there it will have to face tremendous misery. The one who associates such a saint who behaves according to commands given by Shriji Maharaj in scripture will be given knowledge of soul and God by that Satpurush. With that knowledge conscience will be fulfilled- it means swelling of foot. He does not think for sensual objects in conscience, so the saint will help him. The miseries of birth and death and miseries of Yampuri will be nullified by Shriji Maharaj and will take him to His abode. || 110 ||