On the day of Fagan Sud 5th, Jiva Patel of Abdasha and other devotee had come in the assembly. On that occasion, Bapashri showing his favour talked. The lower caste man (dhedh) of village Chhani recited two or four shlokas before Moddh Brahmin and the Brahmin was asked to give the answer. The Moddh Brahmin could, not so he praised the lower caste man. That lower caste man worships God by breaking the bonds of caste. Moreover devotee of Abdasha have surrendered to Shriji Maharaj by breaking bonds of the caste which consisted of ten to fifteen thousand houses of the village by knowing that the door of the salvation is at His feet. Shriji Maharaj is very much pleased on them. Those who have renounced caste, parents, children, brothers, relatives, do anything for Maharaj because they know His greatness and according to the 3rd Vachanamrut of Loya, one can do anything for Him if he knows His greatness. They are praise worthy as they have surrendered to Shriji Maharaj after realising the mistake of ten to twenty generation. Such mumukshu will be taken to Akshardham by me and Shriji Maharaj. This is the power of Shriji and Muktas. Lord Purushottam incarnated and showed the door of liberation. Then only we have got this opportunity by breaking all bonds. We did not come in contact with other incarnations and we became of saints and Shriji Maharaj by coming to this great occasion. He and the lower caste (dhed) of Chhani and Vanasha and Punjasha of Sunderiyana are fortunate. They have kept satsang by facing many odds, therefore even if they can do less of sadhan bhakti, Shriji Maharaj is very much pleased with them. Just as bravo for the son of Abhay and the same bravo is for them. Bravo for Jiva Patel who discarded his son and kept satsang. We are in satsang by birth therefore he deserves bravo because he is not in satsang by birth. Moreover he also discarded his wife and told her be satsangi or leave the house. If you do not keep satsang, leave satsang and go. If we take example of such it will be much useful to us. Several satsangis leave satsang, if they are snubbed by saints. Apparently they make the show that they belong to Swaminarayan sect, then we should know that they do not have firmness of Shriji Maharaj. The devotee will not act contrary to the norms of satsang. The firmness of Shriji Maharaj is in matured state to the devotee of Abdasha. The talk was completed.

Then Bhakta Chintamani was being read. In it, there was reference of Kushalkuvarbai in the 72nd chapter. Then Bapashri said, “Kushalkuvarbai wanted to handover the kingdom to Shriji Maharaj but He did not stay and the woman meditated on Maharaj’s Murti and after fifteen days she left her body. Then Shriji Maharaj took her to Akshardham. You and your master are like this so Shriji Maharaj and saint are such that they do not leave Jiva-certainly take it. We should understand such type of greatness of this saint and should always be in pure satwa attribute and all activities should be done in pure satwa. What is pure satwa? Pure satwa means installing Murti in the soul and keeping it always with us. We should do activities like katha, varta, etc but should not do any activity by forgetting Murti-it is called pure satwa. The attribute of Raj, Tam and Satwa of illusion mix with it if Shriji Maharaj is not kept together. Loknathanand and Badrinathanand Swami had come here. There was Swami named Laxmandasji with them. He read Ramayan at Vrushpur for one month. On the last day I asked him, “Did you swing in the sea by keeping rope in hand or without it?” He said that he could not understand the meaning of it. Then I explained, “Did you do katha by keeping with you Shriji Maharaj’s Murti or by forgetting it? I heard your katha for a month but Shriji Maharaj was never referred to -so one should not be such type. If some one says that Muktas have landed from Akshardham and they are in Bhuj, all saints and devotees in this assembly will not wait and will go there. There are Shriji Maharaj, Gopalanand Swami, Muktanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami sitting in this assembly but there is feeling of human being for them, so we cannot stay here and go to Bhuj. There is a king of the kingdom and he is human being but we do not have feeling that he is human being and have to do everything as he orders. These are divine Murtis and if they say it noon, we should agree because there is nothing like day or night for them. Just as we do not bath or brush our teeth or perform puja after getting up from a nap during daytime but we do the same after getting up from the night sleep. Similarly Muktas have nothing night or day. We should believe as true for whatever they say. Then the feeling of human being for them will be avoided and there will be divine feeling and there will be salvation. You are such but you do not know your power. Just as Pralambasur abducted Baldevji, he did not know about his strength but when he heard akashvani (unseen voice from the sky), he knew that he had such strength. Similarly you are also having abundant strength but you do not know. If you take one Jiva to Akshardham, it will become the fruit of saving cosmos. This can be explained thus -the Jiva has to take birth in four types of yonis viz Udbhij (trees, vegitable etc grown from seed), Jarayuj (born from mother’s womb), Swedaj (insects in various parts of body) and Andaj (born from eggs) and this rebirth will be over if one Jiva is taken to Dham and its fruit will be as much as saving Jivas of cosmos. If one knows this assembly having such power, he will get much happiness otherwise not. The talk should be done and heard by understanding the greatness of this assembly- then it will be useful. || 159 ||