Bapasri said, “We have become happy by the grace of Sriji Maharaj and whatever we wish like big mansion, etc. become immediately available. It is all the favour of Maharaj, but we should use it after due thought. Then looking at the assembly Bapasri asked, “Does anyone of you get hurt? If anyone gets hurt I would not tell.” Then the saints said, “Nobody feels hurt. If we feel hurt how will Maharaj be pleased?” Bapasri showing his pleasure, said, “Do not worry. What is the capacity of maya? What can it do? We have made it spiritless. We shall go together. Be afraid of this dead enemy. Otherwise what capacity does it have? Just as rivers viz., the Sindhu, the Saraswati, etc. meet the sea with such force that big trees, hills are drawn and taken into the sea. The water of these rivers remains sweet even in the sea. Its colour is also different. On the side of the sea the water is salty and it is sweet on the side of the rivers. Similarly we have such association. But we should remain unattached like the sweet water and keep so much eagerness otherwise wealth is such that it will draw us. Never find fault in anyone in this satsang. Know all as divine, but do not have any other thought for them. How much happiness we have got! What a great achievement! What a great Master we have got! Divine knowledge and preacher of knowledge is also divine. Even then jiva does not take happiness. It is like crowning a mad person. How is it so? He looks for in scriptures, in vedic literature and thinks that it may be somewhere. But there is everything in satsang. Even then, he tries in vain and thinks that now there is nothing in satsang. One does not understand the greatness so he does not believe that Maharaj and muktas are with this assembly. It is atheism in that much proportion. Avoid it and be real theist. Be sincere and get attached to Maharaj and muktas. If there is stroke in the eye, there will be sudden scream; similarly, see that there is no stroke in jiva. By finding faults with muktas jiva will have to suffer a lot; so do not tread on that path. If there is no inclination for satsang, there will be doubt in satsang. Someone plants a tree, the other nourishes, and another axes it. Such thing happens because of ignorance. Therefore, be alert. Be brave and get attached to such assembly. I consider you as my own so I am telling. In this world, some are proud of body, wisdom, wealth, or of intellect without understanding; so they cannot take benefit. Those who are humble will get their work done. One who has intense desire for God will see nothing but God. Daily routine, this world, luxury and everything is mortal and cause of misery. Just as onion, garlic, etc. grow in earth but are not advisable to eat. If they are eaten one will become guilty of God and will have to pay fine; but if they are sold and from that money if he does seva of God or saint he will go to Aksardham. Such is the outcome of understanding. Other may be knowing anything but we know only Swaminarayana, Swaminarayana. I have no other resolution than that of Murti. I want to keep all in Murti. You should also have the need of Murti. Nothing is giver of happiness excepting His pleasure and His commands. Make them firm. This thing is not available elsewhere. His muktas, His saints are also rare. If one goes to the market he will find various kinds of human beings and objects but he will not see such great muktas. They are rare, they are not common. Their darsan, seva, pleasure cannot be found easily. Such are the talks. The nature of jiva is such that it even deals in immoral things. Jiva would sell bags full of onions and garlic but it would not be eager to get happiness of Murti which is like chintamani or gem. In Anjar there was a mukta named Chagbai. She used to say that attachment with great Anadi muktas is a business of pai but there is a profit of lacs of rupees. Such is the benefit of association with Maharaj and His saints. For us Maharaj and muktas are the real goods. Deal in that goods.” Then looking at Lalubhai Bapasri said, “He has much love. Hirabhai, Sanwaldasbhai and young and old who have come to know about our departure, frequently visit us, with the hope that we may stay two to five days more. Everybody wishes so, but they are unable to express. We are here for the last fifteen days but even if we stay for fifteen months, devotees of this place will not be content. Such is their love.” Thus, Bapasri talked showing his favour. At that time, Purani Dharmakisordasji came and applied sandalwood paste to Bapasri and saints. He requested Bapasri to keep all in Murti. Then showing very much affection Bapasri told Swami Isvarcharanadasji, “Wait and watch; the whole assembly will be taken to Aksardham in the same state.” Then Swami Vrndavandasji requested Bapasri to keep all who have love and inclination in Murti. Bapasri said, “Saints! All be together in Murti, I will keep them. If I do not, it will be my crime, and Swaminarayana is witness for that.” Saying so, Bapasri came to assembly after having darsan of Ṭhakorji. || 107 ||