On the night of Jeth Sud 3rd, Bapashri, showing his favour, said, “Just as one has to concentrate to shoot the target. Similarly, if one concentrates on Murti of Maharaj and associates with Muktas, he will achieve cause of all (Murti). Association with Muktas is great mantra. Muktas will give Murti in all three states so if one sticks to great Muktas, satsang will appear to him as divine. Moreover, he will not imbibe fault of any one. Those who are great Muktas never find fault with any one. Seekers find faults in souls. Just as there are stray clouds above the mountain can be seen from a distance but if we go on the mountain they will not be seen. Similarly those who have no nearness of Murti find faults with others. Those who realize Murti do not see faults of soul. The remedy of removing fault finding tendency of seekers is that he should think that all whether big or small are worshiper (upasak) of Shri Purushottam. They all are members of Mahaprabhuji’s assembly but are not inferior equal to even an atom because all of them will become Mukta, some have left for Akshardham even though their life span was not over, some will go there after death and some after two or three births. Ultimately all will go to Maharaj. Therefore we should consider them as Muktas hence forth so we will not imbibe their faults. If guilt has been committed against great Muktas, they forgive provided they are prayed for the forgiveness, and if one prays Muktas in the assembly, he will have to repent less and others will follow the example. The one who puts more efforts and at the same time imbibes faults of Muktas is not as good as the one who puts less efforts but does not imbibe faults of any one. If one associates with Muktas but does not understand their talk and imbibes their faults and these faults he reveal before others and says that Muktas are not perfect, it will be harmful for him. Just as some one carries with him a bundle of poison and unties it at home, its powder will smell in the room and many who come in its contact will die. It will also be harmful for the one who hears the faults of others. Unless the path of Ekantik is understood, it will be like pebbles rattling in an empty tumbdi (a kind of vessel). Once path of Ekantik is understood, all his concentration will be for Murti, Akshardham and Muktas. If one comes to associate with Muktas and shows his wisdom, Muktas will not be pleased and will not even talk, so he will not be fulfilled. Moreover, others who are with him will meet same fate. || 39 ||