In the morning of Chaitra Vad 6th, Seth Baldevbhai of Amdavad, Bhogilalbhai, Dhanjibhai, Lalsankarbhai of Bhuj, Devrajbhai of rampur, staunch devotees of Bharasar and Narayanpur, and Lalubhai of Karachi, Nagjibhai of Patdi, Dr. Nagardasbhai, Manilalbhai, Sivlalbhai, etc. staunch devotees were told by Kanjibhai, the eldest son of Bapasri that, that day there was chhab ceremony of Ṭhakorji at his place so requested them to come at his house and took them all to his house. Katha began in the temple. As it was the last day of katha, chhab were filled with silver coins and brocade and golden clothes and was kept ready and while taking it to the temple mandalis were singing devotional songs in festival mood and came to the temple. ‘Valo vadhavoo maro valo vadhavoo ajni ghadi raliyamanire maro valo vadhaoo’ (today is auspicious day I heartily welcome Maharaj). Chhabs were kept in the assembly with the Jay ghosh of Shahjanand Swami Maharaj. When the katha came to end, Bapasri and his sons and grand sons performed arati. All saints along with Purani, etc. were given clothes. In the assembly the devotional song, ‘Anad apyo ati ghano re’ (much joy was given) was being sung. Then devotees were allowed to perform puja. All performed puja of saints and on behalf of Bhuj temple Kothari tied turban to Bapasri and his sons. Thereafter Sadgurus and all saints applied sandalwood paste to Bapasri. Devotees also gave dhoti to saints and then they tied turbans to Bapasri. Thus, it took two hours, so Bapasri told everyone that it was getting late for meals and so asked them go to dining place. Saints should also go for offering meals to Ṭhakorji. In such divine happiness nobody can remember anything else excepting Murti. At that time Raj Kavi Mavdanji who had come from Kalawad prayed to saints and sang the poem written by him about Bapasri’s virtues and his divine feeling-its first line was, ‘Kaliyugma Kalyankari aj Abjibhai chhe’ (today Abjibhai is Kalyankari in Kaliyug-giver of salvation). Thereafter he recited many stanzas and so all devotees and saints were very much pleased. The gist of the poem was –at this time he (Bapasri) made the path of happiness of Maharaj very easy in satsang, gave promises of ultimate liberation, used your power to achieve the state of Anadi muktas, though born in Kanabi lineage, he spread the deep and mysterious knowledge which is even difficult for a philosopher, liberated many, saved many, made happy who were unhappy, and blessed much to the surrendered. He who wants pleasure of Sriji Maharaj can get with little efforts and without doing means is given by Abjibhai in Kaliyug. Such stanza he said often and tied turban to Bapasri, made saints and devotees pleased. Before the assembly he said that Maharaj has shown much mercy on him so he got a chance to please Bapasri in that yajna. Thereafter other devotees also recited slokas about the greatness of yajna. At that time Swami Isvarcharanadasji told all that they should finish it because it was getting late to offer meals to Ṭhakorji. Saying so the session of assembly was made over. Then Bapasri offered meals to saints with love and force and went round for nearly three hours at the place where devotees were taking meals. Devotees would fold their hands, garland him, prostrate before him, apply sandalwood paste, some would call their children near Bapasri and get his hand put on their heads. At the place of meals while taking round Bapasri had worn a short dhoti, thick and loose angdi reaching below the knee and simple turban on head, a cloth on the shoulder (khes) and stick in his hand- thus he would go round. Devotees also would walk around him. Thus walking slowly would give darsan to all and would ask devotees serving meals to serve more and more, not to be restrictive, otherwise Maharaj would scold- thus he asked them to serve meals and if someone did not take Bapasri would tell him that, that Prasad was rare. Sriji Maharaj and infinite muktas had taken these meals. Where can you get such Prasad! Do not refuse, otherwise Devtas will come from the heaven and will take away.” Moreover Bapasri told devotees who were in charge of kitchen and who were serving meals to serve siro and sukhadi in more quantity. “Do not be afraid by thinking that the quantity may become insufficient. At the time of yajna of Jetalpur Brahmanas had thrown away ladus (sweet ball) in devsarovar lake. When yajna was performed at Kankariya, thousands of people and animals and birds were eating but Maharaj took out ghee from a small earthen pot and fed all. He did not allow the quantity to be depleted. The same Mahaprabhu is observing service and devotion of all in the divine form in the kitchen. He is very much pleased with those who are doing seva. So do not worry and serve the meals thoroughly. At this dining place Sriji Maharaj Himself moves along with saints. This yajna is for pleasing that Murti so all should be eager.” Saying so when Bapasri was moving about at dining place signal for starting meals was given so, meals was allowed to be taken. Vrspur was flourishing with sounds of drums and festival mood of mandalis.

Then Bapasri started serving sukhadi to devotees. In front of him devotees carried the sukhadi and he himself walk slowly, would give big pieces to devotees, devotees would stretch their hands or dishes. Thus he pleased all by giving darsan and quoted a line, sukhadi such deshe apar, jmya chhe pote Dharmakumar’ (Sukhadi will give limitless happiness-Dharmakumar Himself has eaten). Saying thus he showed much pleasure and said, “By feeding sukhadi in this way, feeding siro and performing brahmayajna in the form of katha-varta I want to give happiness of Murti to all. At this time there is much mercy of Sriji Maharaj so enjoy happiness of Murti by dwelling in Murti. There is nothing else worth to see excepting Murti of Maharaj. I may do any work, may talk, may meet someone with love, may scold someone, may praise someone, take meal or feed someone-may do many such activities but never leave Murti even for a moment. Whosoever takes virtue of this divine assembly would also be put in Murti by me. Whosoever knows such opinion of mine will get joy. In this world it is like someone said thus and the other said that but who has got Maharaj and great muktas is not concerned with it. We should drink sweet juice in the form of bliss of Murti-leaving aside that nectar juice, do not get involved in the activity of Prakrti. This time Maharaj has shown much mercy on jiva so, he does not take into account mistakes or faults. Whosoever comes in sight becomes fulfilled.” This way he talked. After giving darsan to all, Bapasri sat on the seat covered with cloth under the shade of mango tree. After meals a big assembly was held. Bapasri sitting under the tree said, “Whosoever came in this yajna and took this Mahaprasad will have his last birth. I have decided to keep all in Murti. This assembly is divine. These all muktas are of Aksardham and are dweller in Murti. Anadi muktas’ of Maharaj have created such path to give happiness of Murti by their mercy. Till today I have done such work only. I do not know anything else. You remember all these viz. this yajna, such darsan, this meal, enjoying and meeting. Bapasri called Asabhai near him, then, tied a turban on his head with his own hand.” Asabhai said, “Bapa! You are pleased, keeping me in seva by your mercy so the turban which you have tied in the form of seva is real one. Where one can get such seva! Always remain pleased in this way so that I will think that you have given me everything.” Bapasri said to Asabhai in such a way that all devotees could hear, “Asabhai does my seva day in and out. He does not care for sleep, hunger or getting tired. He is Murti worth praising. I scold him, may avoid him, may praise him, may tell him to stay or go but he never gets irritated, and I have never seen him taking full sleep. He does as I tell him but if there is any little child in the house and if it says Asabapa! He would say yes Bapa! Saying so, he immediately gets up. If I have work in the farm, he would reach there also. Either saints or devotees become very much pleased with his seva in the temple. Asabhai and Motibhai of Bhuj both are very useful to me. Motibhai lives nearby no sooner the message is sent, he would immediately come and his sons are also like him. Hirji and Jadavji of this place also does much seva of mine. Kanji and Manji are so obedient that if I tell them to sit or stand up they would respond in the same way. Young Mavji, Jadavji and Harji, etc. have knowledge of greatness. Though they all do seva but they cannot be compared with Asabhai- saying so Bapasri showed his pleasure and tied turban with his own hand and Motibhai, etc. all were tied with turban. Then Bapasri said, “Premji younger son of Hirjibhai also does much seva of mine. At the time of my bath he always stands by me. He would bathe me, at night he would go to bed without spreading anything. Sometimes he would get up all of a sudden at night and would come to me and would ask what could he do for him? I would say dear Premji it is still night. Go and have sleep. Then he would go. He would sit in the assembly. He would understand the talks taking place in assembly and if any saint would come, he would hurriedly go to him and do his seva. At such a young age he has understanding of greatness which is the fruit of pleasure of muktas. Saying so, Bapasri removed a garland from his neck and gave him and put his hand on his head. Thereafter Bapasri began to tie turban to servers in the kitchen, leading devotees of various villages, etc. Then all took the opportunity of performing puja with sandalwood paste and garlands, first of Bapasri, and then his sons. Thus Bapasri gave various kinds of happiness of Murti to all till the last day of yajna. When Mandalis of various villages, community members and devotees from nearby villages started to go, Bapasri met all of them and said that this type of yajna would be rare in future. Remember this yajna, this assembly, saints, devotees, etc. It is seen thus because of Sriji Maharaj’s sankalpa but this assembly is eternal, and divine. In every Muni there is group of many Munis. We all are in Murti.” Devotees who prayed would get blessings, would meet, put his hand on their heads and pleased them and bade them farewell after mahayajna was over. Thereafter Bapasri told saints and devotees who remained behind “I had a sankalpa of doing parayana of Vachanamrt of rahshyarth at chhatri next day. So, all of you arrange. Saints were pleased with this proposal. Thereafter on the next day in the morning Bapasri got ready to go to chhatri after doing his daily routine. In front of him there was palanquin of Ṭhakorji and devotees were singing devotional songs with musical instruments. Thus Bapasri came to chhatri. Sadgurus, Swami, etc. saints had made preparation for parayana so Bapasri performed puja of the holy book and of saints with flowers and sandalwood paste. All started reading after they were commanded to do so. When it was over once again saints were applied sandalwood paste. At that time devotees sang devotional songs. Thereafter saints and devotees performed puja of Bapasri with sandalwood paste and flowers. Bapasri said, “This assembly is divine, nobody should have human feeling for it. This achievement is very wonderful. I want to make all happy in the happiness of Murti. The one who knows this will not be fascinated. The one who doubts about such divine assembly or about me will be away from this assembly so be kind and keep divine feeling. As I want to do good of all so I tell you this.” Then Bapasri said that the time is already up for meal so give an end to parayana, Bapasri came to the temple along with saints and devotees, he fed saints, moved about at dining place and gave darsan to devotees then went home to offer meals to Ṭhakorji. After sometime, Bapasri came back. Devotees who were going back met Bapasri and got his blessings in a pleasant mood of Bapasri, Bapasri would say some mysterious words but he also made some jokes so nobody would understand, why Bapasri spoke, what were those mysterious words. According to Bapasri the words meant, “Know Maharaj as omniscient. Henceforth remain alert in His commands. If you differ from His words be careful that at that time this Bapa (Bapasri) will be standing there, but in this manner how will you see me in physical form? Moreover he tells someone how easy it is to meet in this way but if you want to meet in Aksardham, how much expense you will have to incur. Maharaj has made easy the way in which you presently meet but one who remains behind in this opportunity, it will be not so easy. At this time salvation is very easy, rain is not rare in the month of Bhadarva but thereafter it becomes rare. Keep this assembly in your heart. Now I may or may not be meeting easily in human feeling but in the divine feeling we are together in Murti-know thus.” Many such mysterious words were uttered but nobody could understand why Bapasri said so because all were given much happiness in the yajna. In this way Bapasri gave limitless happiness to all saints and to devotees of various places who had come in this mahayajna.|| 140 ||