Bapasri said, “Maharaj and Anadi muktas never live separately but the relationship of donor-donee and master-servant does persist. There is no problem and harm in understanding Anadi muktas thus. They will make one as much as he knows them. One may consider them as great as he wants. There is benefit in knowing them as great. Therefore, one should know Maharaj and Anadi muktas as they are. He who truly knows the greatness of Maharaj is called having sharp intelligence. Formerly many have done penance for thousands of years but they have not got such Maharaj and such muktas and have not got divine happiness of Maharaj. Therefore, we should give up the view from the perspective of this world (avarbhav) and have the view from divine perspective (parbhav). Parbhav is intresting one. We should not come out of Murti. If we have deep feeling to dwell in Murti, Maharaj is not at all away from us. If we begin with this feeling, we will be fulfilled within six months but we will have to determine; there is no way out. Everything else -rosary, kirtan, seva, administration of temple, mahantai- can be done but causal thing is Murti; but we cannot dwell in the causal thing i.e. Murti. We should dwell in the vicinity, in the form of Murti. If one walks a yard to meet God, God will walk two yards to meet him- such merciful He is. But jiva has very little inclination towards Him. Since we have met Maharaj and great muktas, they will get us fulfilled but we should persevere sincerely. We should join in the form of God by not caring for the body made of panchabhut (five elements). Muktas never get separated even for a moment from Murti and if you keep love for them, you will not be harmed. Do not be discouraged, thinking that what will happen. In the beginning, it is difficult to dwell in causal Murti, but if you begin to dwell, it will be difficult to come out. We have no sincerity and need is also not much. Maharaj has said when he insisted, and when He has not obliged him. It is not difficult if he begins to do. We should not act as muktas act but do as they say. All deeds of jiva are done by efforts but without efforts nothing can be done. We have no faith in doing and simply want His grace. But if we become worthy, His grace will automatically be had. So long as there is desire for honour, status, taste, affection of this world, how we can become worthy? It is all right till these words are heard and then there is nothing. Therefore, we will have to do unfailingly. Begin knowing thus. Then you can get eternal, stable and Anadi (having no beginning or ends) happiness of Mahaprabhu. Formerly great Sadgurus have suffered a lot so they have got stable, Anadi and eternal happiness. We are talking about it but when time comes, we do not get it, otherwise such words would go deep in heart and one will become indifferent to worldly affairs but it does not go deep. Therefore, we will have to make efforts to become worthy. If water in a pond is clean, quiet and full, the sun will not be requested to show mercy, it will automatically be reflected in it. The sun is far far away but it is reflected normally and if the water is polluted it will not be reflected. Therefore, be worthy and do not be drawn in passion, anger, greed, attraction, taste, etc. If one is not cautious about it, one will be at loss. This body is like a blind horse and may throw us anywhere. Therefore, remaining in the door of abode in the form of knowledge, we should get attached to God’s Murti so that we become happy; otherwise there is only misery in this world- nowhere is happiness. If there is no knowledge, it will be a great loss because this world is sorrowful. Therefore, remaining alert we should strictly follow norms, determination, commands, upasana, etc. If norms are not followed one may get strayed. Some devotees came to me. They told Ramjibhai, they would require chapati of four folds and in the morning half pound of curd and half pound of milk will be needed. We may become of such nature having resolution, so try to conquer nature. Intentions of jiva are always queer- for example, when prasadi is distributed, it will like to get some thing sweet. How can it get happiness of Mahaprabhu with such intention? When in the temple of Mandavi, Laksmirambhai criticised liking of taste, a saint did not like it- such is the nature. Therefore, do not be drawn by nature and take the happiness of Mahaprabhuji’s Murti. || 76 ||