On the morning of Magsar Vad 11th, the 13th Vachanamrut of Sarangpur was being read. In it, there is reference about knowing the characteristics of Maharaj and Muktas. Bapashri said, “Shriji Maharaj and saints are there today in satsang but who abuses, steals, tells lie would not know them. He has not understood that Shriji Maharaj knows that there is wrong thought. He has no determination. They are in the sect, do katha-varta are called as His but he do not obeys commands. They are called thieves in the disguises of a rich man and their determination is not matured. Today Maharaj and Muktas move about and know thought (Ghat-sankalp) of all. Though he is in satsang, he cannot give up wrong acts and wears good clothes and ornaments – he is called cheater. He cannot get any benefit. Just as who carries ‘Tabut‘ (a symbolic bier of Husain) feels that he is entrapped. Similarly, he thinks that he has been entrapped in satsang.” On this talk Bapashri gave an example of Ramkrishnabhai and said, “One should have such determination that obeying commands he should do Katha- Varta, meditation, devotional songs, etc. Even after many efforts, one cannot get the kingdom of Vadodara whereas today one gets abode of Swaminarayan. Just see! He ran away from the clutches of illusion (maya) but again he has tempted by illusion- it may not be anywhere but it may be in clothes. A saint got clothes from Mumbai, coloured them and came in the assembly wearing those clothes. Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami made him take of those clothes and got them burnt. There was an illustrative saint named Harinarayandasji Swami in Muli. He would not tie the turban in ship- shape manner and all the Vachanamrut was on the tip of his tongue- we should become thus and be alert. To get favour from the king we have to stand before him with folded hands and beg for his favour. If he recognizes Maharaj and Muktas in this assembly-, what will he not do? Maharaj and Mukta move about with ordinary people like poor man. The example of Mandanbhakta of Jetalpur was given. In Jetalpur somebody told elder Anand Swami not to show any work to this Mandanbhakta- he is disturbed in meditation. Swami did not believe and said that there was shortage of man so he had to be shown work. Mandanbhakta was kept in the farm. Once, while he was performing mental worship at 4.00 p.m., there was bright light of luminescence. In the beginning it was a little, then it went on increasing and slowly Devsarovar, the farm, palace, everything became luminous. Seeing this Anand Swami and others who were sitting in the temple started towards the farm thinking that something was burning in the farm. They came to the farm and stood thirty feet away and knew that it was not fire, it was luminescence. Then they passed through it and show Mandanbhakta performing mental worship and Swami got the darshan of Maharaj’s Murti along with the assembly in the luminescence. Swami prayed Maharaj. At that time Maharaj asked him not to show any work to this Mandanbhakta because he is disturbed in my worship. He constantly concentrates in my Murti and always remains in my form- therefore do not give any work. Anand Swami told allright Maharaj and prostrated before Maharaj. Then Maharaj wound up luminescence and disappear. Saint came to the temple told about this incident. All were surprised Mandanbhakta is worth associating with but in the work of temple he could not associate with him. There after Maharaj fetched Mandanbhakta after a month. Then Bapashri said, “I had arranged discourse (parayan) in Vruspur. Then somebody tied a turban which was snow white and the turban which I was wearing was taken away by someone knowing the greatness. Then I rolled the turban in dust and then tied”. For the last sixty to eighty years, I have not worn any white clothes. Day before yesterday I went to Dholka. There I saw clothes but that colour was not available. They were of different colour. Saints used to eat daily Dudhpak, malpuva, Ladu, etc. I saw a saint in Bhuj eating Mohanthal (sweet preparation). I asked, what is it? He said you are such a big man and do not have knowledge of this. I said, “You know it better.” Ramjibhai of Uperdal said to Narsinhbhai of Mansa that Murti did not appear to him. Then Narsinhbhai replied that he had become so fat by over eating how will you get Murti? Jiva likes tasty dishes, swami Aksharjivandasji used to see everyone when they were dinning and would notice how much food particular saint took. Jiva becomes unhappy for taste. I eat neither jaggery nor ghee. I eat only loaf of millet and hotch-potch of ‘Math‘. Formerly some saints were fat but they were engrossed in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti. They were happy in happiness of Murti but did not become happy by eating. Swami Nirgundasji would not allow any one to enter excepting Shriji Maharaj. And he was also from the same abode. When the son is born, the householder is very much pleased but when he grows up what happiness can he give? He will not do anything. Many children bring much misery. I have also come here for children. Then saint said, “You have come to make thousand of jiva happy.” Then Bapashri said, “This satsang is our ‘Gotra‘. I want to make all satsangi happy but what can I do if they fall because of their ego. It is all right if it is kept somewhere else but if ego is kept before Muktas, it will be an obstacle. If some love is there for Swaminarayan, every thing can be given up. || 246 ||