On the night of Vaishakh Vad 14th , Bapashri, showing his favour talked. He says those who in this satsang behave according to the commands of Shriji Maharaj , should all be known as divine but association should be done with Shri Hariji’s Param Ekantik and Anadi Muktas. Others should be served knowing them as divine. The service of those who do not obey the command of panchvartman is in vain because they have no relationship with Maharaj. Therefore that service does not reach Shriji Maharaj. The service of those who obey the command is accepted by Shriji Maharaj dwelling in it. The service of Anadi Muktas and Param Ekantik is the service of Shriji Maharaj. It is not different. In the association of satpurush (Mukta) we become very happy. If only Maharaj is kept in heart (antar), moral deterioration like honour, jealousy, etc will not obstruct. We have got immortal Murti like Mahaprabhuji and immortal Muktas so we are fulfilled. Now we should not think of imperfectness. This opportunity is very rare even for great incarnation. This opportunity is the best. In the second topic of the 2nd Vachanamrut of the Last Chapter of Gadhada Shriji Maharaj has said that the satsang which we have got is rare even for Brahma, etc. In it Mul-Akshar is called Brahma because who creates universe is called Brahma. The basic creator of world is Mul-Akshar and He is called Brahma in this place. For him also this opportunity is rare. This is the last opportunity. Those on whom this Mukta throw glance are taken in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti. Then what to say for those whose life is for us and obeys as per our desire? Naturally they will be taken. Therefore we should sincerely live our lives for Muktas. It is like a business of small coin and the profit of lacs. Just as shooting the aim, we have to concentrate on the aim. Similarly our concentration should be only in Murti of Maharaj and association should be of Muktas. The association of Muktas is a mahamantra (motto). It is very beneficial to visit the place where association of Mukta is possible even if it is a birth place. It is better to go on foot for associating with Muktas rather than going by any means of transport- like a train. In case it is not possible to go on foot, one should go even by a train for getting association of Muktas. One should not stick to the rule of not going by train-it is beneficial in not sticking to the rule. The benefit which is there in association is not there in not going by train or in not going to the one’s birth place. Murti should firmly be installed within. One should become the form of luminescence and then should meditate on the Murti in this luminescence. As a result flaws like passion, anger, greed, etc will all destroy and then one should dwell in Murti-it is a principle. || 34 ||