Bapasri said, “Great saints who move about in various places, move about for the purpose of association with one another. Such great saints keep devotees happy so that devotees imbibe virtues of saints and on seeing the best devotee, a saint also imbibes his virtues so that very great benefit is achieved by one another. The principle of Maharaj and muktas is also the same. Great deities request with folded hands and say to give them human body. The reason for this is that they want to please such great saints and their craving for pleasing such great saints and the understanding their greatness. We have met such great saints who are rare even to deities. Maharaj sits in satsang even then some do not to turn away from wife, wealth, sons, etc. which are maya’s work. Because they have not understood the greatness of Sriji Maharaj and such saints. We have got very much happiness, very great achievement so that our birth has really become fortunate. Where can one get darsan of Maharaj and muktas? muktas are attached to Murti in all three states. Therefore, the sun, the moon, etc. all pray for their good and all came to Maharaj for taking prasad. What can be achieved only by means? If there is chance of associating with those who have achieved favour of Lord, liberation can be achieved. If it rains during the famine, it is said that God is favourable. Similarly, today it is really the autumn. Where do these talks come from? They come from Murti. ‘Vasant rtuman ave jo syam to rangbhar ramiye’ (if God comes in spring, we shall play with colour). Is it not the same season today? For us autumn has set in since incarnation of Maharaj. When such saints talk and if these talks are taken by heart, one can achieve the attribute of Lord Purusottam. The other season is mayik, whereas this is divine season. When muktas talk, we should listen like a chakor bird. When this cosmos changes, this season will come back- what it means? This means when this Master comes the season will come. Many incarnations have taken place but the ultimate liberation is possible only by the causal Murti. ‘A vakhat nahi ave feri nahi ave feri’ (this time will not come back again, will not come back again). Many have tried hard but in vain and they did not get this opportunity which we have got. Where can you find such preacher who is Purusottam’s Anadi and beloved? They are there at this time. We have got satsang within satsang. Many have called themselves as great persons but they cannot give up objects of five senses. If they are in satsang for liberation, they can immediately recognise such muktas. We are concerned only with Maharaj. Maharaj has given livelihood to all so enjoy and worship God. Many have done much for this body but they were not fulfilled. The tongue wishes different tastes but it has no meaning. But if one eats whatever he gets after offering to God and remains happy and worships God then he is wise. This body is like storpot whatever is stored in it will be all right. Bones are covered by skin. The body is filled with useless things. Therefore, we should not get attached anywhere by passion. Great saints say at the top of their voice that this world is illusive. But if there is benefit of hundred or two hundred thousand, one will say let saints say whatever they like. Touch, taste, sight, smell, sound are all rogues. Therefore one should not be led away by five senses. Why have we come together? Only for Sriji Maharaj. Saying so, Bapasri said Swaminarayana hare. Continue katha and call Maharaj. We should go in this divine assembly and in Murti so that we may be liberated soon. While sitting in assembly if we feel drowsy, know that maya has come, so be cautious. The activity of great muktas should all be known as divine. No improper sankalpa should be done in it. There cannot be any change in those who serve nectar but we should know that there is alteration in them who eat meals. Muktas and Maharaj are benevolent. We should not apply any logic in it. The one who is eating and the one who feeds are both divine. You are all businessmen and there may be reasoning in your conscience so I talk in such a manner that you may like it. God’s devotee should have such understanding that covers all aspects. Everything excepting Murti is useless. One should not do ordinary satsang. We should be cautious and know the four ways of getting our work done: sweet talk, money, intrigue and punishment. Recognise saints and devotees. My talks are like this- if it is understood it may be useful in future. Satsang is like fire. Therefore, do not put hand in satsang. Do you know who is the cause of cause? Cause is Maharaj’s beloved Anadi muktas and cause of cause is Sriji Maharaj. We should try to be one with Him. ‘Hathevalo Hari sangathe kidho’, (I have married to Sri Hari). I do not want any one to go elsewhere. I want to put everyone directly in Murti in Aksardham. Many have been put there. Such happiness cannot be had by means; therefore, we should constantly meditate on Murti. Meditate for an hour or two. The capable Master has taken hold of the hand and He is not such that would abandon it. Be sure that He has given assurance of eternal safety- it is the last word. Keep firm faith and trust. Sattvaguna, rajoguna and tamoguna belong to maya; so do not trust them. ||86 ||