Then Bapasri came in the assembly. Katha of Vachanamrt was being read. On that occasion Bapasri said, “For the one who has enjoyed the bliss of Sriji Maharaj in his heart, all objects would be trivial. Therefore, understand greatness properly. Just as a big vessel is full of jaggery and sugar and an ant thinks that it would eat the whole quantity but it cannot. Similarly, bliss of Murti is limitless. Even Anadi Maha muktas do not find its limit. Such is bliss. Just as we have kept a diamond and chintamani but we do not know its real value. It is only known when valuer tells us its value. Similarly, when jiva gives up body of five elements and achieves the form of Lord Purusottam, it would get liberation. Today we have such mukta who will make us realisation of Sriji Maharaj. We have got invaluable benefit. As a result the heart becomes cold like snow. If jiva remembers Maharaj and muktas it will soon have peace in mind. They may be hundred or thousand of miles away but the devotee gets their strength, such is the opinion of such great Sadgurus. If such opinion is taken by heart, his three kinds of miseries will be done away with. Such words cannot be grasped without being worth of it. Where there is musk, scent of musk will come- no other smell will come out of it. We are doing this satsang in which there are innumerable folds. As we go deep in it, no end of it will be seen. Education is believed to be true when the letter of someone is read. Similarly, whatever has been said by great Sadgurus and whatever they say, keep trust in it. The proportion in which there is no trust, in that much proportion is a feeling of atheism. In our sect saints are called having thirty two characteristics. If they bring news from Aksardham, it is not surprise. If mind is given to great Anadi muktas, they will directly make him meet Lord Purusottam and whosoever has continued efforts, keeping faith in Lord Purusottam, God will make him meet muktas. Maya binds jiva whereas jiva which is for salvation is bodily feelings- know thus. Great Sadgurus always dwell in Murti and used to do katha-varta. Moreover, they would mix their sankalpa with the sankalpa of Sriji Maharaj and used to make innumerable jivas happy. The subordinate king is afraid but the sovereign is not afraid of anyone. Similarly Maharaj is independent and Anadi muktas are also independent. In this satsang they are like jewels covered by rag. It is known when they associate. What to talk about Lord Purusottam and His Anadi muktas! Meeting them is impossible. It is a very big task. Incarnation of Sriji Maharaj is only by His favour. Meeting with His Anadi muktas is also by His favour. ‘Kidi kunjarno melap jivan janun chhun’ (I know that it is as rare as the meeting of an ant and an elephant). In place of ocean there is Maharaj. In place of the Gangaji there are Maharaj’s muktas. In the place of stream there are seekers. They realise the ocean in the form of Murti, through the medium of realised muktas- then all become one.” Premjibhai of Vrspur asked, “Bapa! How can they be differentiated? How can we know their peculiarity?” Bapasri replied, “Pearls cannot be had from the water of Ganga- they are the products of the sea. Similarly, all take much happiness because of enjoyers of Murti. That happiness is in the place of pearls but it cannot be found from the water of Ganga. Similarly, they may seem equal because of oneness but peculiarity is because of enjoyer of happiness. Maharaj gives secured happiness to all. So, eagerness should be there to take that happiness. When muktas take hold of our hand, they do not leave it. Those who boarded in boat will all land together. The passenger of the same boat will not get separated. If there is no faith in muktas and there is doubt, understand that he is in different boat. If some talk is having deep meaning and if it is not understood but he believes that the talk is true but it is not understood by me then it is no doubt. Muktas who are in Murti are called form of Maharaj. If one understands thus, he has become resolute and then can be known as having full trust. There is difference in happiness in the proportion in which he has doubt. Whatever great muktas talk, there is Maharaj in centre- such is the dictum of muktas so they never show their greatness, because for them there is only Murti. Such infinite Anadi muktas dwell in Murti. They take bliss of that Murti only. They are seen here by Maharaj’s sankalpa but they are as they are. They do not wish to show their prominence or miracle to anyone. They remain engrossed in the limitless bliss of Maharaj and bear even though they are capable. Great muktas do as much as Sriji Maharaj does because they are always engrossed in Murti and doer is Maharaj so Sriji Maharaj shows as much as He wishes through the medium of muktas. We have got this benefit so let it not go in vain. When command, upasana and understanding of greatness of such great muktas is considered it is said to be an autumn. The words of muktas never come out without the desire of Sriji Maharaj. As and when there is understanding of greatness, happiness increases. Know that we have got real autumn at this time. When is it called engrossed in Murti? Only when the sight is kept on the cause without caring for happiness and unhappiness of the body. Therefore, do not keep the sight on activity. Understand Maharaj to be supreme. Let others be kept at their respective place. If we firmly remain in the sect started by Maharaj, He will be pleased and if we break away, Maharaj will be displeased. Therefore, he who does will suffer. No one else has command in his hand. Greatness without causal Murti belongs to this world. Those who do the means of pleasing are taken in the happiness of Murti by Maharaj after making him leave the body even though his life span is not over and if one is not such he will be kept in the body even though his life span is over.” || 92 ||