In the morning of Fagana Vad 30th , Bapasri got up very early in the morning at 3.30 a.m. and after taking bath and performing puja he met all and said Jay Swaminarayana and then came to his seat. He said to Sadguru, etc., saints, “Swami! Just see! How much progress of divine satsang is taking place here? Love of all goes on increasing. Fifteen days have already passed but it seems that even five days have not passed. The assembly is full in the morning as well as in the evening. Young and old all are eager to please Maharaj and muktas.”

Swami Vrndavandasji asked, “Bapa! how can divine satsang be known?” Bapasri in reply quoted a line of devotional song ‘Narnarayana divya Murti santanko visram’ (Narnarayana who is having a divine form is the resting place of saints). Thus if one knows God as divine then for him all those who have realised are divine.” Swamisri said, “Bapa! Whom does saint see when he takes rest in Murti?” Bapasri said, “He who dwells in Murti sees Sriji Maharaj. Saying so, Bapasri further talked, “We should worship God and understand satsang as divine. Be needy of great muktas and recognise them.” Swami asked Bapasri, “How can muktas be recognised?” Bapasri said, “Life of mukta is God only, so they can be recognised by the needy by the mercy of God. Great Anadi and Maharaj always live together. Such infinite muktas having a definite form dwell in Murti and enjoy bliss of Murti. Just as innumerable fishes live in sea with joy. Similarly, muktas go on taking happiness from Murti. The example of this world is not enough to express so what else to say? That happiness is very supernatural and divine. No other happiness can be compared with that happiness. We do meditation, bhajan, katha-varta, seva, devotion, etc. but happiness comes only when Maharaj gives it and then only one becomes cool. Luminescence emits like jet from Murti. ‘Stal sant chhe re tejii upma nav devay’ (Aksardham is cool calm; and its luminescence finds no parallel). That happiness cannot be had by insistence whereas it is easily available by pleasure. If insisted, it will happen like Ladkibai. She could not bear such cool luminescence and started screaming and said that she was burning. When she was shown places of Ganapati and Visnu, and she was made to understand her own self, she became peaceful. Thus, unless one gives up feeling of three bodies there is no peace. Examine that in which group- ekantik, param ekantik or Anadi- do we want to live. Wealth, wife, son, etc. of this world will not be useful. Lord Swaminarayana is the only one who is useful. That Murti is supernatural, divine and eternal. Once we surrender to Murti, then entire talk is understood. If we get attached to that Murti, much work will be done. Magnet attracts iron; similarly Maharaj draws in His Murti one who has become His. For this purpose Maharaj has taken oath. These talks are also wonderful. Everything is there in this assembly. Just see! Rajabhai ploughed the land of Parvatbhai for twelve years for the pleasure of Maharaj. How capable is Sadguru Gopalanand Swami? His disciple Swami Nirgundasji and his disciple Isvar Bavo got attached to Murti by the grace of such mukta. We also should keep Murti. It is the real thing. ‘Syam tame sachun nanu bijun sarve dukhdayak janun’ (Oh God! you are the real wealth, everything else is full of miserly. Do thus. If we waste our time after unreal objects, it is called childish nature. Wrong thing will not become true. ‘Maya jag thagani’ (maya cheats the world). Creation, maintenance and destruction should be known as God’s lila. ‘Jnani maro atma, mai jnani ko prana’ (the learned is as dear to Me as My soul and I am as dear to him as his breath). The association of such great Anadi is rare. This saint is such that he can directly get one to Murti. If he is recognised and if one surrenders to him, all work will be completed. This is not boasting. These are the main talk.” Looking at Hirabhai and Sanwaldasbhai, Bapasri said, “It is great thing that you got such saint. Some overwise find fault from such divine assembly. They themselves have no knowledge but try to assess this assembly. What do they know? This saint is seen dwelling in Murti. This assembly is supernatural.” Thus showing his pleasure Bapasri said, ‘Mai hun adi anadi, a to sarve upadhi’ (I am eternal and withot beginning; the entire world is full of misery). One who has joined Murti should give up everything else. If this much is understood, everything is understood. Sriji Maharaj is the king of kings of infinite cosmoses. He is cause of all, doer of all, controller of all, supreme and mysterious Murti. He Himself is present in this assembly. This assembly is of that of God. These muktas are all enjoyer of that Murti. Greatness of this assembly is incomparable. When Lord Siva and Parvati were walking, a thick shadow of tamarind tree came on the way. Lord Siva took the dust of that place and put it on his head. Godess Parvati asked what he was doing. Lord Siva said, “Great muktas and God have walked over this place. What to say about the luck of this land?” Then Godess Parvati understood it. A black ant was climbing up the throne of Indra. Seeing it Indra laughed. At that, the black ant got speech and said that it had become Indra for seventy one times. Thus, talks of greatness are to be understood. Other happiness or luxury is not rare but God and saints are rare. Today they have become accessible. Jiva has no capacity to know them. So showing their pity, they become easily available. Even then, jiva has no value for them. So it does not know. Lord Siva knew the greatness and Godess Parvati knew it from him. Thus, who is Lord Siva among us? Anadi Mukta who are above maya and dwelling in Murti is our Siva. Give up human feeling from him. Keep only divine feeling. We should not be drawn away in material objects. Just see! Maharaj had arranged chorasi in Amdavad (eighty four castes of Brahmana were invited to lunch). Then to forget that activity, he went at the place named Ganes Dholaka where there were rayana trees and showed us how to forget an activity. Work may be of any quantum but it is because of cause. Therefore, we should keep only causal Murti, i.e., Sriji Maharaj. So no obstacles come in the way. There are many obstacles in the way of immatured. Therefore, give up other activity. Such opportunity is very rare, not easily available.” || 105 ||