On the morning Vaishakh Sud 10th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “In mental worship and rosary the vruti is disturbed by making signs rather than in speaking, because while speaking there will be one thought and in making signs there will be many thoughts so signs should not be done.”

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “Whether do Maharaj and Muktas who are divine, eat mayik food?” Bapashri said, “If the devotee offers mayik things with sincerity, Maharaj and Muktas will accept that thing seeing the feelings of the devotee by making it divine and its fruit (bliss of His Murti) is given. This has been said by Shriji Maharaj in the 71st Vachanamrut of the First Chapter of Gadhada.

It is better to drink water by offering it to Maharaj’s Murti in our soul rather than drinking it by adding the Prasad of charanraj. The food offered to the Murti (idol) should also be taken by offering it to Maharaj in our soul. If the devotee offers the meal without any desire, the Murti dines and it does not become less by its power. It is just as in the yagna of Jetalpur ghee was taken out from kulla (a kind of clay vessel) but quantity remained same. The idol and the Murti of Akshardham are one. If one does not understand them as equal, his understanding is wrong and he is an atheist and he should not be listened to. The idol does not speak but cares for its devotees because if it speaks with some and not with some, so there will be joy and sorrow. It gives same darshan to all whether he is worthy of it or not, therefore idol does not speak but it is visible (perceptible).

In the 10th Vachanamrut of Vartal Shriji Maharaj has said that for getting attached Muktas are preferable to idol for seekers (sadhandashavala)but Muktas should not be considered as superior to idol. But for taking knowledge only they should be considered superior. The idol is ishtadev and Muktas are devotees. Some modern meditate on Muktas considering them as superior to the idol- they are ignorant. They have not met Muktas and they have not understood the principle of Shriji Maharaj and great Muktas. They will get knowledge when they meet Shriji Maharaj’s Anadi or Param Ekantik Muktas. Then only immanent (anvay) and transcendent (vytirek) form will be understood and the principle of Shriji will be understood. Muktas can never be meditated on. The one who is Mukta will not allow any one to meditate on him and will never differ from Shriji Maharaj’s command. He will get you attached to Murti but will not allow you to detach from Murti. The one who has no attachment with Shriji or His Muktas, he does not know what is immanent-transcendent (anvay-vytirek) so he does not understand the meaning of scriptures. The one who is not free from honour, position, and material objects, will have the desire to become guru (preacher) and to enjoy objects. He will tell mumukshus in round about manner and try to convince that he is greater than the idol and enjoy objects by cheating people, he commits great sin and will have to go to hell. Those who are attached to such preachers and if they are keeping trust in them and desirous of only salvation (moksha), let Mahaprabhuji protect them and make them free from the association of such persons by hook or crook. In case they can not be freed during this birth let Mahaprabhuji get them attached to Muktas in the next birth and liberate them. Those who are desirous of salvation and wants to please Shriji Maharaj should not associate with such persons going on wrong path. Meditation should only be on Maharaj’s Murti but never on any Mukta.

When Shriji Maharaj left His physical body, Dada Khachar became very sad and tried to jump on the funeral pyre. Then Gopalanand Swami consoled him and said that Shriji Maharaj is always in satsang. He has not gone leaving us. He further said, “Go to the place where Maharaj and we used to sit, he will give you darshan.” Then he went there and got the darshan of Shriji Maharaj. Then Shriji Maharaj said, “I am immortal- I was in one form and now I have become in four forms and I am visibly always there in satsang. Therefore do not thing that I have gone (died). Saying so he garlanded Dada Khachar with the garland He had worn and Maharaj said, “Meditate Me in your soul.” The Dada Khachar meditated Maharaj in his soul and he saw Maharaj in his soul in the form of luminescence. Then he came out of meditation and asked Maharaj, “Oh Maharaj! Which are your four forms about which you had said formerly? Which form should be meditated on?” Shriji Maharaj said, “My four forms are – first-the form of Murti, second-the form of saint, third- the form of acharya, forth- form of shikshapatri, vachanamrut, and such scriptures-I have these four forms. Meditate on my idol form, I am in the form of idol, understand my greatness by grasping the knowledge preached by saints and donate them clothes and food as a service, take diksha-mantra from Acharya and give them food and money as a service, and behave according to My command given in scripture.” Saying so, Shriji Maharaj became invisible. Dada Khachar came to Swami and told him the whole story. Swami said, “If one develops real divine feeling for the idol and has craziness for Murti and forgets every thing, he will get the darshan of Idol as if it were realized. It will talk with him, eat with him and all his wishes will be fulfilled. Therefore developing divine feeling for the idol, one should worship and meditate but should not go on the wrong path in company of modern person. ||54 ||