On the evening of Fagan Vad 8th, Bapashri and all saints with devotees went to Kakarwadi to bathe. After taking bath they met one another, performed mental worship and arranged a meeting under babul tree. Then Bapashri, showing his favour, said, “When the jiva goes in deep sleep, all kinds of miseries become inactive and becomes happy. If such happiness is there in deep sleep, how can we imagine the extremity of happiness of Maharaj?” That happiness is enjoyed by great Muktas dwelling in Murti and the one who understand the importance of Muktas and entire satsang gets happiness through Muktas. Once Shriji Maharaj graced the assembly in Gadhada. In the assembly He said, “Today I want to have the meeting of Akshardham. As soon as He said so luminescence emitted from the bodies of young saints who were sitting in the assembly behind saints and also from the bodies of devotees who were sitting in the assembly behind the devotees. Every where there was luminescence. On seeing this great saints and devotees who were sitting in front on mattresses with the support of cushion became shy. They thought that how can they sit in front of those who are greater than them. Then Shriji Maharaj said that sitting in front is the custom of this world and should sit but we should keep the respect of those who are young bodily and should know that they are all great but we have been made to sit in front by custom. Here we should understand that though those who are called great in this world and sit on mattresses with cushions, is not enough. Muktas may have remained humble but within a minute they can bestow with ultimate salvation. Talking thus every one was blessed with the words that from today it is your new birth and do meditation. I am there to help you in meditation, and will get you such happiness from Shriji Maharaj as we have and will enjoy the happiness together. Then all prostrated before one another and met all and put his hand on every body’s head and was very much pleased. On the way from Kakarwadi to temple Bapashri said that the babul tree is also fulfilled because brahmyagna is being done under it. || 72 ||