On the day of Vaishakh Vad 10th, the 23rd Vachanamrut of the Last Chapter of Gadhada was being read. There was reference about mental worship in it. Bapashri said, “The means viz. rosary, mental worship and so on which are being shown by Shriji Maharaj are the means for the seekers and some others are meant for supernatural power. Therefore in mental worship we should imagine Murti in our soul and offer divine meal. Moreover, clothes and ornaments also should be imagined as divine luminous as Murti but should not be imagined queer type. All activities should be done in our soul but should not imagine different places. By doing this regularly when we become tranquil and Murti is realized, we should stare at Murti, no other thought should come because everything except Murti is disturbing. He, who has not realized Murti, should continue to do as said above, and meditate. While meditating if any part is seen singularly it should be known to be seen due to tendency of sight and when Murti is seen as a whole, it should be known to be seen due to tendency of jiva and when we become one with Murti, we should know that there is lack of tendency. It is seen by the power of the soul- it should be known thus. He does not have any other knowledge than Murti and the activity of the body is done by the wish of Maharaj. When one goes deep in the happiness of Murti, he will not see anything else except happiness. In the same way just as when we are sitting in the chariot of the sun, there is no night at all. The happiness of meditation is very divine but jiva does not insist for that happiness. If Murti is meditated introvertly by becoming luminous form of Shri Purushottam, much happiness will come and he will become very happy- such is the happiness of Murti. When such happiness comes, honour, love, service, devotion, all will be forgotten. In the same way just as we throw something in water it will not be seen. He will only see Murti. Therefore, memory of Murti should be kept constantly. If the memory of Murti is forgotten on account of passion, enjoyment, discourse, talks, etc. we should know that we have forgotten the path. After studying scripture if one reads from scripture by holding a page it is well and good if Murti is not forgotten. If Murti is forgotten, it should be considered as if he has become a widow. Therefore, our inclination should constantly be for Murti like falling current of oil. It is as good as seeing Murti. Seekers can not achieve Murti without meeting Muktas. Moreover they are not able to see the Satsang as divine so he remains dry. When Anadi Muktas are available (met) he will recognise the work and doer of work and the Satsang will appear divine. Then only Murti will be achieved. Because leaving aside Murti of Maharaj, if he does activity which may be the service of the Satsang, karan (the goal) in the form of Maharaj’s Murti will be missed. Shriji Maharaj invited Brahmins of eighty four sub-castes (chorasi) and served them a sumptuous meal at Kankaria. Thereafter he drew away this act of His from His mind. He has referred this incident in the 22nd Vachanamrut of the Middle Chapter of Gadhada for His Ekantik devotees. Ekantik devotees have nothing to do with whatever work or activity they do. That means they have to forget, and for novice practising it provides inspiration because this will work for them like a seed which grows into a tree. Ultimate salvation can be achieved through Murti only and for this Shriji Maharaj has described rituals of yagna in the 8th Vachanamrut of the Middle Chapter of Gadhada. The activity is just like stray clouds scattered in the sky and make the show as if they would rain but do not rain and in case they rain, they would wet the earth but the flooding will not be there. Murti is like the heavy rain which floods the whole area so the land will not be seen and there will be flood water. Similarly in the place of floodwater there is Murti and only Murti appears in every particle. Therefore, meditation is better than doing devotion, service, etc. No one should make the person who meditates join in any activity and he himself should also not associate with any activity. There is no limit to the happiness of Shriji Maharaj. Even the Accomplished Muktas do not achieve perfection in that happiness. Happiness is of many kinds. When there is experienced knowledge, talks of happiness are done. When that happiness is achieved and enjoyed, it is known and the feelings of senses and conscience do not remain. Though he is in physical body he will be above this world and will not be able to describe anything. He joins in happiness, lives in happiness and takes with him new happiness. He will also be not able to gauge that happiness nor can he describe that happiness or Murti because Maharaj does not allow his memory to come out. He is known to be experienced one, tranquil and doer and non-doer. His activity is under the control of Maharaj but he is not independent like Anadi Mukta. The experienced one does not have independence which Anadi Mukta has. Therefore, Anadi Mukta is better than the experienced one.” || 20 ||