On the day of Maha Vad 14th, Bapashri showing his favour talked. He said, “Saints are real gotra of Shriji. Shriji tells them that happiness from Jivakoti to Mul-Aksharkoti is false. One should know that insect means Jivkoti and Brahma means Mul-Aksharkoti, he said that one should not be bound by them. We should properly follow panch vartman (five moral codes) and householder should not develop love for wife, children, etc because they are binding. A carpenter gave an axe in the hands of his dead son and asked to sharpen it, after that, he told that it was sharpened in a better way. Such type of love develops, therefore knowledge is needed. One should fear his own wife and other woman because they will kill like a sword. At some places a daughter gets child because of her father. Therefore one should not remain in a solitary place with his mother, sister, daughter or other woman, this is the form of Kaliyug. In Kaliyug the power of sensual happiness is very much. In Satyug thoughts bore fruits (children), in Tretayug sight bore fruits, in Dwaperyug touch bore fruits and in Kaliyug semen bears fruits, therefore we should keep away from mother, sister and even the daughter. If the commands are not observed he will lose money, will become laughing stock in his caste, will loose character and will fall from path of liberation. There is poison in the sight of woman and it can cost life. Even in ashram of householder we should remain without passion. Division between man and woman is up to mulmaya (basic illusion), above it there is no division. All are divine and in the form of man. There is divine form of man at all three places viz in Brahmkoti, Aksharkoti and in the abode of Maharaj. Once again he said if the line drawn in the form of command is violated it will not be good for him. Command does the work in the form of soul authority. The group of senses may take the Jiva anywhere and throw it. Those who have violated commands have fallen from dharma even though they were great. Ranchhod Mistry did much service in satsang but when he violated commands, he defiled himself and fell down and even did not heard the advice of great Sadguru Shri Nirgundasji Swami. He was taken away by siddhis which had come from space. How fine devotional song he used to sing with loud voice but unfortunately went away to Turkastan. Renouncer and householder do deeds like butchers, would take bribe because of greed, would beat someone, would speak lie, would do injustice, so one should think twice before behaving in that way. In doing so we may be punished by yam (God of death), behaviour should be righteous. If words of saint and scriptures are obeyed, he will be happy. Modji Darbar obeyed the words of Swami Harikrushnadasji so he became happy. Had he not obeyed him and would have gone against the Government, he would have been killed. In the dry wood many germs fall and God gives them food, drinks, etc. Animals and birds also get food and rest. All get necessities though they have no money, as such money is not everything. If one takes bribe, his earned money will also be wasted, so householder should not accept bribe. It is a great sin of kanya-vikray (father of the bride takes certain amount from the in-laws of the bride) and it is also a sin to accept bribe, therefore one should not tread on this path. One should not follow in the footstep of others in such matter. If he saves himself from such attraction, he has won the life. One should not take part in the controversial matter of scripture and religion. Intakes of senses should be purified. One should not take food from the one who is not perfect in celibacy-this is called pure food and if it is taken unknowingly, there is no harm in it. But should not be taken with love. If it is taken with love he will become pure after one fast and if it is taken unknowingly and if it is known afterwards, he will become pure after doing hundred rosary. This old woman Dhanbai gives food, etc and makes us to listen to the katha. She is really lucky and those who listen to her katha are also lucky. || 153 ||