On the morning of Magsar Vad 2nd, katha of Vachanamrut was being read. In it, there is reference about Narad, Sanak, etc. Bapashri said, “This Narad, Sanak etc. should not be known as Paroksha (indirect). At this place, we should understand that realized Muktas have been referred by this name. There are senses around Jivatma. They are called Golok and ray of luminescence of Maharaj are called Golok. Today Maharaj and saints have come to preach. This only Maharaj and saints are teaching us about their forms and also explaining form of dharma, knowledge, renunciation, devotion. In the meanwhile, saint came for darshan. They prostrated before Bapashri. They said such type of region and time has come because of bad company. It should not be their in our fold. They said it might be wish of Maharaj. Bapashri said, “It can not be the wish of Maharaj. It is the activity of Jiva. The devotees swallow ‘Kal‘. Kal has no power to do anything against him. But if he has become such- otherwise not.

Then someone was made to read 2nd Vachanamrut of first chapter. In it, there is a reference about Janak. Bapashri said, “Today there are innumerable satsangis like him. These saints are incarnations said to be paroksha (indirect) and this saint is incarnation. Honour, Service, Fruits, Flowers, Dishes, Pride, Affection are all siddhis. Maharaj is doer (kartu), non doer (akartu), inspiring others (anyatha kartu). So he accepts service but if saints do it without any desire. But if they think that whatever they have got (siddhis) is allright and if they accept it, siddhis will be cause of there fall. Senses, conscience may demand many things but if they are ignored and handed over to Maharaj, it will not do any harm. In the meanwhile devotee of Balol, named Malubhai, brought grapes and fennel seeds for the Prasad. Bapashri said, “These are siddhis. Look!” Talks stopped. Prasadi is beneficial and whosoever eats it will be benefited. Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami used to get many siddhis like packets of sugar cube, etc. which he gave away to all saints. Saying thus Bapashri said, “There was a devotee of Uplavas of Dhanjibhai’s village. That devotee used to consume opium daily worth a kori (currency of Kutch). He was such addict and sinner. When he was sitting in vadvadi (farm having many banyan trees), Shriji Maharaj and infinite Muktas were spraying colour on one another in Narayanpura and was playing Raskrida. This scene appeared before his eyes and as soon as it appeared, he started breathing heavily and had fever. Then he went home. At home, he began to breath rattle and said, “That saint is coming and spraying colour on me and will convert me.” He left his body at 11.00 o’clock rattling thus. He was great sinner but at the time of his death, he remembered Maharaj and Mukta and the wind which had touched Maharaj and Mukta touched him and because of that, he directly went to Akshardham. Such is the power and greatness of Maharaj and Mukta. When devotee of Khambhat came for darshan, Bapashri said that they had met Krishnaram maharaj. They wanted me to go to Khambhat with them. But Dhanjibhai’s uncle Ravji of Dahisara did not allow me to go. After his death he became ghost and requested that all come together, forgive his guilt but nobody came and he suffered a lot. Therefore, Jadavjibhai gathered some, and blessed him and did his good. Gangji Patel of Mankuva made me come back from Shidhpur while I was going to Chhapaiya. Even then, I went to Chhapaiya and made the income, of fifteen thousand rupees for the temple. I am going to take all of you to Akshardham as I am taking your care like parents taking care of their child. I have no any other activity.

Then the 5th Vachanamrut of first chapter began to be read. In it, it is said that we should meditate on Shri Krishna along with Radhika. Bapashri asked, “Who is that Radhika? Then he himself gave answer, these saints, devotees are all Radhika- Gopies by whatever you call them and Shriji Maharaj is God. If you go elsewhere, you will suffer. Then he quoted Premanand Swami and said, ‘Girdhar nay ne gopio gay, joi Premanand vari jay‘ (Girdhar is bathing, gopies are singing, seeing this Premanand very much pleased). He had not gone to see those Gopies. He had called these saints as Gopies. Therefore, whenever there is reference about Shri Krishna, Radhika, etc. in scriptures like Vachanamrut etc. you should take them for Maharaj and Muktas. Then he quoted Premanand Swami, ‘abla abla ne shu varvu re radh lagi, ek purush ditha alaukik re radh lagi‘ (when I saw divine person (Maharaj) and so why should I marry other person) therefore search for real.

Swami Vrundavandasji said Radhika means Param Ekantik who are in front of Maharaj and Laxmiji merged means Anadi. He asked who is happier between two. Bapashri replied, “Anadis are happier than Param Ekantik. This feeling is of heavenly abode.” || 242 ||