In the night assembly Bapasri talked, “The divine body is built because of bhagvat dharma. Just as fruit, flower grows by watering them. Therefore, in this dharma there is such value. If one knows the greatness of Sriji Maharaj and goes on worshipping Him- along with His knowledge of greatness, nothing will be left out. Therefore, one should feel himself as a servant and take bliss of Murti. If there is feeling of pride of self (as if I am doing everything or giving importance to ‘I’) Lord Swaminarayana will not be pleased. People believe that if Holo (a dove like bird) sits on their house, it will bring misfortune. Similarly, the feeling of big ‘I’ is the holo of satsang. If that comes, it is definitely going to do harm. Therefore, do not bring any kind of feeling of ‘I’. If one is proud of himself and if he has feeling of dislike for someone, it will bring misfortune. Therefore, in satsang one should keep the feeling of servant- there is much happiness in it. Maharaj says that this assembly is more than that of Vaikuntha, Golok, etc. Sriji Maharaj has taken together all abodes and he has described the greatness of His saints- devotees is more than that. And, over and above that, He has given happiness which should be enjoyed. But in the time of sorrow, one should not be disgruntled. Means are not enough for achieving goal. What can renunciation, etc. means do! Renunciation is also there with this tree- it will not ask for water even after hundred years. It will not say anything if it is cut by someone, this does not mean that it is siddhi (achievement). Sriji Maharaj has said much about the greatness of His great muktas. If his Anadi muktas go in satsang, they will bring lots and lots of devotees- how will they do it? Whosoever comes in their sight will get love from them, will associate with them, will pray to them and all will get ultimate liberation. Therefore, to free one self from kala-karma he should get attached to muktas. This is all divine. It is not good to go elsewhere when we have got such opportunity. The principle of Maharaj and muktas is that to make athe-Dwarka (Dwarka, the place of pilgrimage, is here only) if one has their association and he should take happiness with divine feeling. Whatever Maharaj and great Anadi do must be doing for good.

Then Bapasri said, “Hari krpa jab hot he suzat apna dos” (when Hari shows His kindness one will come to know his faults). When we find our own faults, we should know that cobra is lying dead. We should fear that dead cobra means we should be brave but should not get defeated by thoughts (ghat-sankalpa). We should pray to Maharaj and muktas and should behave in such a way that their commands are not violated. There should not be any shortcoming in determination. We should join Maharaj and muktas with divine feeling by understanding their greatness. As soon as one prays to great Anadis, his thoughts (ghat-sankalpa) will be burnt. Even if they are themselves not present or not seen, we should pray with antarvrtti (from the bottom of the heart) because Maharaj and great Anadis know everything, so they help us. If such muktas are remembered along with Sriji Maharaj, love increases. The fruit of all means is meditation of Sriji Maharaj-without that causal body will not be burnt. If we start meditating, Maharaj and muktas join us to help. There are thousands and thousands of muktas in satsang and they all are there to help us. Maharaj is encouraging satsang so the position of sect is good. If we look at the glory of Maharaj and muktas, much can be understood. At least this must be understood that great Anadi muktas like Gopalanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami have joined Sriji Maharaj’s sect. Therefore, we should serve that sect. May Maharaj do good of all- such is my sankalpa. If jiva realises its own shortcoming, It should be known that goal is achieved. We should follow the path of non-violence, norms, dharma, obey commands, etc. but we should not make such a sankalpa that someone may feel hurt. I do not want to leave anyone- want to take them directly in happiness of Murti. Even the people of this world extend their helping hand, they do not desert us then how can I desert you?” || 55 ||


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