At that time Bapasri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “There are two kinds of tirtha (places of pilgrimage)– one immovable, second movable. In it immovable tirtha is meant for passionate and wretched- it reminds them. Saints and Anadi muktas are movable tirtha– they make one free from maya. Such Maharaj and muktas are our support. What a brilliance! What a grace! What a divinity! Jets of happiness emit from Murti. Muktas always remain engrossed in that Murti. If one decides firmly this way, then he can achieve Murti. He may do vain efforts elsewhere but nobody installs Murti. Therefore, if he becomes pure and constructs temple, muktas will immediately install Murti- it will not take time. Jiva is attracted in activity but he does not have importance and such joy of causal Murti. But real happiness is in association with Maharaj and Anadi muktas. Those Anadi muktas take bliss of Murti from ages to ages. Similarly, we should always take happiness from Murti- should not come out of Murti. Now Maharaj Himself sits here. Know that Gopalanand Swami, Muktanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami, Gunatitanand Swami, Premanand Swami, etc. great muktas themselves are present. Consider such saints as divine. All such saints appear remaining in Murti. if one knows thus, there will be very much love. Just as grafting of tree is done, similarly, get attached to Murti remaining engrossed. Avoid such feeling that this saint is of Amdavad, that is from Bhuj, etc. Bring the feeling that they are all thoughts of Sriji Maharaj. What is the centre of a saint? Maharaj who sits in this assembly is the centre of a saint. Ask for a birth there and if there is any other desire than Murti, one will get nine months jail, and it does not take much time to enter in the prison. If there is attraction for divinity of Brahma, Aksar, etc., liberation is not possible even after many ages. Therefore, get birth in spiritual land- that spiritual land is Aksardham (the light of Murti) which is above Aksar. ‘Golok madhye Aksardham, te madhye sakar Murti Sahajanand syam’ (In the middle of Golok there is Aksardham; and in the centre of Aksardham there is sakar Lord Sahajanand). That Golok is rays of Maharaj’s luminescence. In the centre, there is dense and bright glow of Maharaj. In the centre, there is Murti and if one remains in the happiness of that Murti, maya will be away- will not be found. Sriji Maharaj should be known as supreme being and act firmly within all His commands, small or big and never have doubt in upasana. If any command is defied unknowingly the fault can be remedied by penance or taking rebirth, but if upasana is imperfect, there is no remedy. Therefore, do not leave the shelter of our Master.” While talking thus, the car came so all saints, devotees along with Bapasri came to the temple. || 101 ||