On the day of Vaishakh Vad 6th the 8th Vachanamrut of first chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that I (Shriji Maharaj ) do not know how to give son, wealth, kingdom, give life to a dead person, etc. Then Bapashri said, “I have been given the work of salvation and in that work I am with you but in giving objects of illusion maya of this world I am not with you .therefore if anyone ask for illusive objects, you should say that it is not my job. Here Dhanbai doshi told me that what ever promise she gives becomes true. If someone wants son or wealth or anything, I give him but my word never fail. Then I told her that she was doing the work of Brahma, what is new in it? Then she understood that the wish of Bapashri is to do the work only the salvation. My aim is to liberate Jiva and make it free from the cycle of birth and death and give happiness of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti, and you should also do the work of salvation. I am with you in that work. If anybody asks for illusive object he should be told that if you want salvation I have, but illusive object which is black object is not in my bag-it will happen according to your faith. Then Bapashri said though you have surrendered to God you cannot cross illusion means cannot avoid cycle of birth and death if you have not recognise Maharaj or Muktas and till then do the nivruti karma (doing karma without desire of fruit all karmas dedicated to God) and do pravruti karma (doing karma with desire of its fruit). He should be known as gone in sushupti (sub conscious state). The one who has not recognized Maharaj and Muktas who are in satsang, should be called blind. And all may utter Swaminarayan but if they do not know such Mukta and this Murti as divine, the cycle of birth and death remains. Then in another talk Bapashri said one should read shikshaptri, dharmamrut and nishkamsuddhi and should obey their commands and if he does not do so he will become childish. If houeholder reads shikshaptri, he will not violate commands of the king or God and if renouncer reads nishkamsuddhi he will fear a woman like a cobra. But he may be in satsang for fifty years and has not read nishkamsuddhi or dharmamrut, how can he obey anything? Dharmamrut is read regularly in the month of Jeth in Bhuj Mandir and in the month of Bhadrapada in Muli. Repentance of sin should be done according to dharmamrut. If small insect like a fly, mosquito, ant, a bug, black ant, a flea, etc die, mahamantra of Swaminarayan should be done and if scorpion, wasp, frog, sparrow, die a fast should be observed and any jiva bigger than that die padkruchhvrat (a kind of vow (vrat) for repentance) should be done. If there is mistake in nishkam (having no passion) nirlobh (having no greed) dharna-parna (fast on alternate day) should be observed for a month, two monthsnthree months, fifteen days, twenty days or chandrayan vrat (fast for three days continuous) should be observed. If repentance for sin is done thus, and then he does rosary, mental worship, etc means, it will be taken in to account and will get happiness of Maharaj’s Murti. Therefore repentance is must and if he does not do it, one should not associate with such sinner. Those who belong to our sect should not take part in such sin. Those following religion should be careful. So all should be careful and he who wants to go in the abode of God should behave properly. He should do service of such a saint who follows norms of dharma and he should keep affection for such a saint and satsangi otherwise he will have to suffer. This I am telling you for your good. The one who sides with a sinner will have to go to the south door i.e. in yampuri (abode of god of death).we should not side with those who do not obey commands of Maharaj and they should be known as sinner. I do not want anyone to go to yampuri (abode of death) just as Ashabhai and Parvatbhai of Jetalpur and Agatarai did not make anyone go to yampuri. But Jiva is running away from us. I go to every one’s house to give darshan and prasadi for sick person. Last year there was epidemic and I use to move till 11.0 o’clock in the night in the whole village with prasadi. When I am not there you will become helpless. Just as devotees who were follower of Parvatbhai received invitation went to inauguration of temple but did not stay in satvik yagna and Parvatbhai left for the Akshardham. At the time of his death he gave darshan and blessed human beings, animals, birds that he will take all of them to Akshardham. Those had gone to install Murti regretted when they heard about the Parvatbhai’s blessings. I am also going to take you to Akshardham provided renouncers, householders all remain in the desire of Muktas understanding such greatness. The commands of such guru whose all senses are dwelling in Shriji Maharaj should be known as the commands of Shriji Maharaj. if such guru orders you to do a particular work and if in doing that work there is trouble to body , even then it should be done. But he should not wish that if the work is given to someone else it would be better. The one having the understanding of greatness obeys the command and even if he is sent with an enemy, he would go and the one having no understanding of greatness will be disappointed if he is not given a favourite place. It is well and good if he wishes for the place which is good for association but if he wishes for good place from where he can get good food and clothes is not advisable. You have come here because you have no desire for worldly objects and enjoying in katha, varta, darshan and association. This joy has been got by Shriji Maharaj therefore desire should be for such association. But it should not be for objects like clothes, etc. If there is desire for delicious food I will not tolerate it. The nature of mind is such that it wishes to own everything that is in cosmos. Therefore, mind should not be trusted. Then Bapashri told Swami Ishwarcharandasji, “This Balkrishna Brahmin serving the temple of males in Manipara of Khakharia. Please give him service of Thakorji of Bhuj temple to assist celibate Nirgunanandji.” Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “All right, I agree provided you and Maharaj always remain with me in exchange of Balkrishna Brahmin. In case even if he goes away from there, you have to remain with me.” Then Bapashri said, “Even if this Brahmin goes away from here we will be with you and we are also with you in your work of the salvation of Jivas but we will not be with you in the work of giving wealth and sons. Therefore, never do such work. We are also with you in your work of salvation of mean and wretched Jivas. Then Bapahree said there was an old woman. She had four sons and four loaves. Then the old woman said to her sons to give half a loaf from each of son’s loaf. Her sons gave her. Old woman had two loaves means the half share gone to the old woman and the other half among four sons- you have asked on similar way from us. Then Bapashri said, “The one who has surrendered mind is tested in adverse time and place. If he leaves us in adverse time and place means he has not surrender his mind to us and he is not with us from the bottom of his heart and also has not understood greatness.

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “In the 51st Vachanamrut of first chapter it is said that the ‘diamond cuts the diamond’. Which is the diamond which is cut and which is the diamond which cuts?” Bapashri replied, “Shriji Maharaj and his Muktas should be known as the cutter of the diamond and mumukshu (seeker) Jivas should be knows as the diamond which is cut by the cutter. When Shriji Maharaj or Muktas meet, they liberate Jiva means the diamond is cut. When Shriji Maharaj Himself meets or Mukta meets, they liberate by making us understand the supremacy and divine existance of Shriji Maharaj. Therefore Shriji Maharaj’s Muktas are as capable as Shriji Maharaj in liberating Jiva but Mukta is servant and Maharaj is Master- Muktas are enjoyer of bliss and Maharaj is the donor of bliss but in liberating Jiva both are at par. If such God or Mukta meet we should do as they desire but if Maharaj or Mukta do not give us importance or insult us, we should not leave them thinking that God will be worshipped at home. If one understands like this, he cannot worship God, if he finds fault in a saint or a devotee and feels that he has no need of them, if there is thought that I will harass saint or satsangi as Jivakhachar had thought of going to Bhavnagar and harass Sadhu and Satsangi, and he may be in satsang and is call satsangi but sides with kusangi (who is not in satsang) and tries black magic (-to send ghosts, not to allow milk the buffalo, gives fever to someone, and learns such karmas which brings disreputation) and spoils his own ultimate welfare. Therefore, one should not be careless in satsang. || 204 ||