In the evening Vaishakh Vad 9th, the 78th Vachanamrut of the First Chapter of Gadhada was being read. Question no. 22nd in that Vachanamrut stated that in the hard time and unfavourable region, we should not tolerate it. Then Bapashri said that it should not be taken as the tolerance of body only but it should be taken as the tolerance of soul. In the weak time and in an unfavourable region, jiva suffers, it is the tolerance of jiva. Therefore, we should leave that place i.e. leaving bad company and go to the place where God can be worshipped. The saints leave the group of that place. House-holder should leave the place by discarding it and also relatives. Please do not tolerate and leave that company. Do not make jiva suffer. He should not be taken by the love of any body. The preceptor and the disciple should leave each other.”

Saint Harivallabhdasji asked, “What should we do when there is adversity of time for body?” Bapashri replied, “If jap of great mantra ‘Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan’ is done, the time and region will improve. Even by performing mental worship, associating with saints, meditating, thoughts do not stop; therefore, we should go to the place where Anadi Mukta dwells and by getting attached to them, thoughts will disappear. Therefore, get attached to great Muktas. The place where they dwell is the naimisharanya. Muktas just think that when this poor soul will come to our dham (abode). Today Shriji Maharaj is drawning souls towards him. Formerly, saints had to go after souls but nobody was ready to take vow of vartman. Whereas today devotees themselves come to take vow of vartman. Formerly Shriji Maharaj and Muktas were required to go after souls to get them attached to Murti of Shriji Maharaj. Today how dedicated saints and satsangis there are! They have blown out maya (illusion). This is possible by the grace of Maharaj and Muktas. What to say about those who could blow out maya because of relationship with Maharaj and Muktas. Today we have got very good business (which gives tremendous bliss). There are talks of salvation from Shriji Maharaj’s Ekantik, Param Ekanik and Anadi Muktas who are above Mul-Aksharkoti. The one who finds fault with this assembly and runs after something else, will suffer much. This place is good in present time. We are children of Swaminarayan. Therefore, we should become worthy of the kingdom of Akshardham. If we do not become worthy of it, the kingdom will not be handed over to us, but it will be kept aside. People of this world look for worthy persons among the head of sect and states. Therefore, we should be worthy so that we can remain close to Shriji Maharaj. We should not keep love elsewhere except for Shriji Maharaj and should remain as an humble servant. It should be like Muktanand Swami who would ask questions to Shriji Maharaj with folded hands and addressing Him as “Oh Maharaj” in a very humble tone. We should also have such humbleness.” || 18 ||