On the noon of Vaishakh Sud 12th, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked Bapashri in a room near the well. He said, “Please tell me what celibate Mulji has done?” Bapashri showing his favour, said, “Celibate Mulji was Brahmin of Makhiyav village. He had gone to fetch the daughter of his host. When he was returning with that woman, they stayed for a night in a village on the way. There he doubted the character of the woman so he left her there and continued his journey and came to Shriji Maharaj and became celibate- such was his selflessness. Shriji Maharaj forbade him from wearing shoes, and eating ghee and jaggery. He also drove him out of His service but he had divine feeling and love of Shriji Maharaj. That firmness remained as it was and there was no change in it. In this way Shriji Maharaj tested him much but he remained firm- such was his matured determination. Some of his incidents have been written by Sadguru Shri Nirgundasji Swami || 60 ||