Bapasri showing his favour, talked. He said, “If there is constant inclination in Murti, very great work is done and one becomes form of Maharaj and is called divine body; i.e., Maharaj keeps him in His Murti and gives him limitless bliss. That mukta has no covering in Murti. He is in Murti with a divine form. That mukta goes directly in another mukta. Just as Santdasji Swami could walk through wall, similarly muktas do not have obstacle among one another. We have got such Maharaj and anadi mukta. Do not retreat from such opportunity. What is retreat? If there is human feeling for such saints and for idols considering an idol to be a picture or made of metal, etc. or a habit of finding fault, then it is retreat. Therefore, become worthy. When can one become worthy? When one gives up passion, anger, pride, jealousy, trickery, etc. and has atmabuddhi for great Anadi muktas then one can become worthy. Just as one empties a vessel of water in a big river, it reaches the sea; similarly, if there is love for muktas and surrenders to them, they make one worthy and push him to Aksardham. Knowing thus continue with courage. We should always remain with Sriji Maharaj and the divine assembly but should not remain separate. If there is experiential knowledge, everything is seen because Maharaj and muktas wish to take jiva in their own bliss and want to make it as they are. Therefore, give up wealth and woman by making efforts. At present wealth and woman are dominating so remain alert and follow commands. When one accomplishes five means, viz., renunciation, atmanistha, faith, non-violence and celibacy, Maharaj will show pity and then one will become like God and will not be bound by good or bad deeds. Thus he becomes independent and remains engrossed in every part of Maharaj’s body. Capacity of such muktas is withheld by Maharaj; so they remain as if they do not know anything though they know everything. But they have knowledge of everything. You do not know about your capacity. All the members of this assembly are having divine form. Where there are muktas and Maharaj, maya will not be there. It will have no existence and will not be found even if you search for it. Whosoever comes in contact with great muktas becomes free from attributes of maya. Maharaj also praises such persons. ‘Nirgunana guna gay dharma sut ladilo’ (Sriji Maharaj, son of Dharmadev, also praises the persons who are free from attributes). Therefore, we should care for ourselves. We should never go out of such divine assembly and Maharaj. Remain in one’s own house, i.e., remain in Murti only.” Then Bapasri said, “I wanted to stay in Karachi for eight days but fifteen days have already passed because of the love of devotees. All devotees young or old took benefit. All are equally eager. There is progress in satsang because of Sriji Maharaj’s grace. All devotees of this place wish me to stay here for four months and even more. Even then they will not be satisfied. But Swami! I must go to my native place.” Saying so Bapasri asked both the Sadgurus, Purani, and the saints, etc., to go to bed. And told the devotees who had come with him and to his grand sons, etc. to keep their luggage ready. “Love of these devotees cannot be controlled. They may not allow us to go; so when we reach at the time of the steamer, it will be o.k.” Saying thus Bapasri went to bed. || 104 ||