Once, Swami Isvarcharanadasji had some eye disease so it was paining a lot, as a result he could not eat any hot thing and could not even read. Bapasri told him that his eye disease would be cured and asked him to eat whatever he got to eat, it would not trouble him. Once, Swami had trouble in the waist so he was not able to sit and he was lying on the bed. Bapasri told him that one should remain seated in the assembly. Swami said he was not able to sit because there was pain in the waist by lifting some thing heavy so he was required to sleep. Bapasri held his hand asked him to get up so his pain in the waist had gone and he was free from pain. Once when Swami was going to Muli, he had severe stomach ache and it was unbearable and Swami told about it to Bapasri. Bapasri moved his hand on the stomach and it was cured. || 36 ||