On the day of Fagan Sud 7th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “Just as the teacher teaches and he thinks that if he can teach many students it will be well and good. Similarly, Anadi Muktas think that if many Jivas become happy, it is well and good. The devotee who takes shelter of satya atma (pure soul), satya Murti, satya saint (true saint) and satshastra (authentic scripture) which are related to these four has become satsangi. He can also reach in the enjoyment of happiness when Anadi Mukta takes him there. We have got the goal which is in the satsang. If one keeps Murti of Maharaj he will become happy. It is great ignorance that we get pleasure in illusive talk whereas such spiritual talk does not give us pleasure. In village Rampara there was a devotee whose intellect was virtuous. He went to see bhavaiya (a kind of folk drama). He had the sensation for urinating but did not get up lest he may loose his seat. As a result he urinated in his payjama- such is the joy in illusive things. It is great ignorance that such joy is not felt in lord Purushottam’s katha-varta. In katha-varta the joy is there in as much proportion as he has realisation. Happiness is not possible without joining the cadre of Anadi Muktas and if mind is given to Muktas, everything will be fulfilled. The talk is extraordinary- if it is understood, one will become mad with joy. ‘jene joie te aavo moksha magva re‘ – this said in deep meaning. Then he said new word which are not in scripture come and they are spoken by such Anadi Muktas who are enjoyer of bliss of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and in it Maharaj’s Murti comes, so there is joy. The thing which you have got today is very precious. I repeatedly tell to eat it but nobody eats it, and even if great Muktas give it by making morsels, it is not felt good. Real association which is authenticated by the world and by satsang should be done. If one remains as a servant and wishes new happiness every time, the coverings will be broken and happiness is understood and even after going in Murti of Maharaj he gets new happiness every time. But there comes no limit for the happiness. Anadi Muktas also do not find the end of the happiness-then how others can find its limit? There is the same happiness in this assembly but Jiva has become directionless and gets attached hither-thither and wonders. He gets attached to modern saint knowing him as Mukta but does not stick to the real thing means it does not love Mukta. Sadguru Shri Nirgundasji Swami was Anadi Mukta. He came because of Shriji Maharaj’s wish. He has made us know this Mukta. Those who are unlucky do not recognise this Mukta and tries in vain elsewhere- how can they be happy? If one is eager to get the enjoyment of happiness from Mukta by recognising him, he will become happy. If one keeps Shriji Maharaj and Anadi Muktas with him, it will be his last birth, many births were wasted. This time the proper door for coming out has been achieved. How can one get happiness if he stares blankly in such time? One cannot be happy till he pampers senses. If one gets attached to Maharaj and Muktas with intense fascination, it will be fulfilled in this birth itself which was not possible in innumerable births. If there is difference in worship (upasana) and if he has not known Muktas he may fall anywhere; therefore firm determination should be kept. There is happiness in being universal. Therefore one should not be particular (means developing individuality in groups- isolation from group) and should not associate with whom who has become particular. He can not remain in Satsang and will drive out one from Satsang who associates with him. Therefore tricky persons in satsang should be identifed. If they are not identifed, Jiva will be destroyed and there will be obstacle in salvation, because the one who has found fault in satsang will also make others to grasp faults, so Jiva will be destroyed. The one who only sees fault in Maharaj’s devotee is the worst (kanistha) and the one who sees both-virtue and fault is of middle cadre and the one who sees only virtue is of the highest (best) cadre. The one who is having only fault will see only fault in others, the one who is having both virtue and fault will see the same in others, and the one having only virtue will see the same in others. We should look at virtues of all and should understand that, when the mango is unripe, it tastes astringent, when it becomes big it is sour and when it ripens it is sweet but after all it is a mango. Similarly, those having faults are immatured. When faults will be removed slowly, they will become matured- it should be understood thus. One should remain in the sea in the form of satsang and then only pearls in the form of salvation will be achieved but those who are averse to satsang will not be able to give liberation. If one becomes universal and searches Muktas in satsang finds them, will be liberated. || 132 ||