In Samvat year 1957, Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. saints had gone to Kutch. There Bapasri got a letter of Ranchhodlalbhai from Morbi telling him that Kashirambhai had left this world so he felt uneasy, therefore, if he (Bapasri) came there for a week and made him happy by his talks, it would be better. Bapasri and Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. started for Morbi from Vrspur on the day of Chaitra Vad 9th. They went to Anjar via Bhuj. There was a group of saints Jagjivandas at Anjar. He said that it was ekadashi, so they should stay there and go in the morning after breaking fast, but they started and on the way Bapasri told Swami Isvarcharanadasji that they did not stay back even though saint wanted them to stay but on the next day they would have to stay at Khari road and there they would not get water. Swami told him that since he (Bapasri) was with him, wherever they stay, there would be everything. They stayed in Khari road for night and in the morning prepared hotchpotch and offered it to Ṭhakorji. There they did not get potable water and the steamer was to start in the morning on the day 13th. Bapasri said if breakfast (timan) was taken they would be very thirsty so Swami was told not to take breakfast. They boarded the steamer and when it went a little distant, Bapasri told Swami that the steamer was ill (not in proper order). Swami asked Bapasri how much ill it was. Bapasri said it was on the verge of death. Swami Isvarcharanadasji said that had he said before, they would not have boarded it, now what had happened was all right. The steamer began its journey and broke after eight to ten miles so they stayed on the sea for three days and another steamer was brought and they boarded it, then they went to Morbi via Vavania. There Ladhubhai the son of Govindbhai brought water from Dahisar to Vavania for three days continuously. Bapasri was pleased with him and said that the boy was young and he did their seva, so they would make him happy in the happiness of Maharaj. They stayed at Morbi for eight days and gave many talks about the greatness and happiness of Mūrti. Then they came back to Kutch via Jūnagaḍh, Gadhada, and Muli. Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. saints stayed in Vrspur for few days and went to Gujarat with the permission of Bapasri. || 17 ||