In Samvat year 1979, Soni Liladhar of Dhrangadhra had gone to Vrspur along with his family. When he was returning, Bapasri caught hold of his three sons’ hands-he freed two brothers’ hands but the younger brother named Mohan was caught hold of and Bapasri said he was to be kept in seva and saying so, he also freed his hand. Then they went to Dhrangadhra. There Mohan became ill. Bapasri gave him darsan and told him that on the day of poonam at noon he would fetch him and then disappeared. Mohan told his father about it so he sent a telegram to Bapasri stating that instead of Mohan he should be fetched. Bapasri replied that his request had been sanctioned. On seeing it Manilalbhai telegraph operator became satsangi and Mohan was cured. || 86 ||