In the morning of the 6th day of Vaishkh Vad, Bapashri talked by showing his grace. He said, “If big rich businessman keeps with him a poor man as a partner and deals in diamonds, rubies, pearls, the poor man will get the equal part from the profit as the rich man get. Similarly if we keep partnership with great Muktas they will give us the profit in the form of bliss which they enjoy.”

Swami Ishwarcharandashji asked a question, “What are the characteristics of Muktas who are like fire of lightning and like vadvanal (the fire of sea)?” Bapashri replied, “Those Ekantik seekers who are not lured by the divinity and bliss of Brahmkoti and Mul-Aksharkoti should be known like the fire of lightning. Those who appear in the form of human beings dwelling in the abode of Shriji Maharaj’s luminescence should be known as liberated Param Ekantik, and those Anadi who dwell in Murti are known like vadvanal (the fire of sea). Those Muktas will liberate by thought only and will make happy in the happiness of Murti by taking them before Murti all those who are very wicked and having demoniacal nature. This work can not be done by those Muktas who are like the fire of lightning. Anadi Muktas are like Shriji Maharaj and give darshan over here by the thought of Maharaj by dwelling in Maharaj’s Murti. Those who take refuge under them will be kept in Murti by making them Anadi as they are, and make them worthy of enjoying the bliss of Murti from head to toe (romrom). Those Muktas who are like lightning are above the commands of kal (time), karma (deeds), maya (illusion), etc. -just as there is no one above the prince, excepting the king himself. Shriji Maharaj also speaks through the medium of Ekantik Muktas who are like lightning and walks through their legs and all activities of senses are done by Shriji Maharaj through their medium. Therefore if one finds divinity like supernatural power or knowledge of trikal (the three tenses: present, past and future), etc. in it the devotee should not think that it is because of him. If he believes that every thing is done according to the wish of Maharaj and not according to his own wish, he will become happy in the Satsang. His body becomes like slough of a snake and he above all becomes one with luminescence of the Supreme Being and achieves qualities of Purushottam. They who live in their shadows also become happy and their karan (causal) body becomes empty like a box. This much benefit can be had by attaching to such Ekantik provided he keeps his self away. Param Ekantik and Anadi Muktas of Shriji Maharaj have the same status of Shriji Maharaj. Muktas see the soul as we see stars at night. They give the same status as theirs if they are trusted. The benefit of the attachment with such Muktas is divine. The person doing satsang for the whole life will not be able to get the benefit which he gets in an hour by remaining attached to such Muktas. For example, Kuverji of this village said that the immense benefit which he got in an hour from Laxmirambhai’s talks, could not be achieved even after remaining attached to saints for fifty years. Such is the power of Muktas. Therefore, one should do satsang sincerely showing eagerness. If one listens to the talk of great saints by becoming pure satvaguni (one having satvagun), means becoming the form of Brahm, he will get the fruits. This talk should go deep in heart, so that the jiva achieves the height in spirituality and gets unlimited happiness. Param Ekantik speaks less but he speaks in the presence of Murti of Shriji Maharaj and gives the soul the form of Brahm. A seeker speaks much but his words do not give peace, so if the words of great Mukta go deep in heart, the happiness, potency and radiance increase.”

Then Purani Krushnajivandasji asked a question, “The purified soul of the previous birth does not recognise the Satsang. What is the reason of it?” Bapashri said, “The subtle influence of previous births remains hidden on account of bad company. This subtle influence will come out when the devotee comes in contact with satpurush (an enlightened saint) and he follows the rules of the sect, and in a short time means will be completed. If someone comes in the Satsang, Maharaj soon gives him darshan and he sees supernatural powers of Maharaj. If there is a son of satsangi he will begin to tread the path of the goal and if there is any purified soul of previous birth and had done service to God and saints previously and had pleased them, his good deeds will come and Maharaj will give him darshan so his vrutti will be attracted in Maharaj and Maharaj will become the goal for him. Just as the seeds lying on the earth will sprout when there is rain. Similarly the purified devotee of the previous birth will get happiness and powers. If he suppresses them and humbly serves great Muktas by remaining attached to them his means will get strength and he will become MahaMukta. On the other hand if he exhibits these siddhis (supernatural powers) to attract people and shows miracles to impress people or talks about miracles and such things, he will fall from that position and also will fall from satsang. Such will be a big hurdle. Therefore one should not exhibit his powers but he should enjoy the happiness which he has got but should not reveal it.” || 7 ||