Once, Bapasri had gone to the house of Jadavjibhai of Narayanpur. On that night he was sleeping on the cot on the upper storey of the building. While lying in the bed talked for a long time and this talk was being heard by Kesharbai the wife of Dhanjibhai. Jadavjibhai asked all of them to go to bed and they went to bed, but Kesharbai did not go to bed and sat on the steps of the ladder and after sometime there was sound of clapping. Then many great saints came. They met one another and talked. They were talking as we talk and everything could be heard but could not be understood. Thus she saw it for the whole night. When it was morning, Bapasri got up and looked at the steps of the ladder and saw that Kesharbai was sitting there. He asked her why she was still sitting though they had gone to bed. She replied his (Bapasri’s) going to bed and everything was known now. Jadavjibhai got up and asked her what she knew. She said nothing but Jadavjibhai insisted and said that there was something. Kesharbai narrated the whole story. Jadavjibhai said that an insect sticks to an udder but it cannot take the taste of milk and though the calf remains away from the cow, it sucks milk. Similarly he was sleeping with Bapasri but he could know nothing, whereas she remained awake and took the happiness. || 55 ||