In Samvat year 1984, on the day of Shravan Vad 6th, at two o’clock there was rain of sandal in three farms of Bapasri in Vrspur and there was also fragrance of attar and this news came to be known on the day of 7th, at seven o’clock in the evening. In the assembly there were about fifty persons including Sadgurus, saints, parṣad, Devrajbhai, etc. and many devotees. Jadva Asha brought leaves of kanjara, etc. trees which were covered with sandal from Bapasri’s house and put them before assembly. All were surprised to see it. Then soon it rained and everything was washed away. Then saints and devotees went to the farm but nothing came in their hands and it became dark and nobody could see one another. Then Bapasri’s grand-son Harjibhai brought some sandal which was left behind on the leaves of banana tree after washing away from the rain water. All were very much pleased to see it. On that day Bapasri gave darsan to Ramji Karsan Jesani at night and told him that rain of sandal was done by him at two o’clock in the afternoon on 6th, (chhath) but all of them came to know on the next day and added that on the next day i.e. on the day of 8th (atham) he would rain sandal in Kakarvadi. Whosoever wants to see could go and see. On that day some jealous person added poison in the water meant for Ramjibhai. It had much effect on his throat and he could not speak but Bapasri made him vomit. Then in the evening he was brought to the temple by his family after arati was over. They told Swami Vrndavandasji that it seemed he had been affected by spirit so do some recitation path. Swami said there was no effect of spirit on him but somebody had poisoned him. He was advised to take much ghee. He went home and was given ghee so he began to speak soon and became all right. On the day of Vad 7th, Bapasri gave him darsan at night and told him about the poison and rain of sandal and added that poison was very strong and it would have cost his life. Bapasri said that he made him vomit and through Swami Vrndavandasji therapy of ghee was suggested. Bapasri advised him not to forget and not to drink or eat anywhere. He said to Bapasri it was not possible for him and requested to protect him otherwise to take him to Aksardham early. Bapasri told him that he was always protected and saying so disappeared. || 114 ||