On the evening of Vaishakh Vad 14th Bapashri, saints and devotees went to Kakarwadi to bathe. After taking bath they performed mental worship under the babul tree. Thereafter Bapashri, showing his favour, said, “In the present time Maharaj has sent independent Mukta. They make Jiva happy as they are. Those who are siddha (fulfilled) do means for teaching the seekers. Do not assess value of Maharaj and Muktas. No obstruction can come in the way of Muktas. Santdasji had no obstruction. Sadaba of Kera used to say that she sees infinite Muktas along with Maharaj in the grains of millet-means wherever her sight went, she saw Murti. In Agatrai, Parvatbhai said, “Mukta is coming here.” Devotees asked, “How could you know?” Then Parvatbhai said, “Muktas see because they are without covering (avaran).” In the mean while Gopalanand Swami was coming. One who got the opportunity to come in contact with such Anadi Mukta has got the gist. If one does not understand the path of knowledge even then there remains nothing to be achieved.When we hear story written by Maharaj or Muktas, we should know that this is their apparent association. Just as eggs are hatched by birds, similarly we are hatched by Maharaj and Muktas with their glance. Therefore, we should always feel joyous just as we feel joyous in the company of Maharaj and Muktas. After meeting Muktas, we should do means according to our faith. In the end he shall make them fulfilled. Those who sit idle and do nothing will face hindrance. Those who have not recognised the importance of association with Muktas will remain unfulfilled inspite of their doing many means like vrat (observing fast, etc), jap, etc. Those having association with Muktas will achieve much inspite of their efforts are less. The Jiva which is associated with a saint and has love for him and if the saint is a seeker, Jiva will get his darshan at the time of death. Shriji Maharaj Himself appears in the form of the saint. Anadi Muktas and Param Ekantik Muktas themselves give their darshan and take us in the bliss of Maharaj.

The Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “Is that thought of the devotee who wishes that he should remain on the earth till you are there on this earth, said to be a fruitful act or not?” Bapashri replied, “It can not be called so but we should remain according to the wish of Maharaj and Muktas.

Patel Mallubhai of Ramgree said, “It is said that at the time of death, Jiva gets knowledge of hundred preceptors (sadguru). In that case Jiva has become greater than preceptors. How to understand that?” Bapashri replied, “It is just for the sake of giving courage but the knowledge of preceptors is limitless. || 33 ||