On the morning of Kartak Vad 7th, the Vachanamrt was being read in the temple of Narayanapur. In the meanwhile, Zinabhai came from Vrspur. Bapasri asked, “Have the locusts which had attacked the crops gone or not?” Zinabhai replied that they had gone eastwards. Bapasri asked, “Have they gone towards the hills?” Zinabhai replied that probably they might have gone there. Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! You know everything. Then why are you asking this poor fellow? Everything is known to you.” Bapasri said, “I want both things. Lila of Maharaj and muktas is like that of a Nat’s (actor’s) maya. Though I behave like these people and mix with them, my secret is known to you and to me only. How can others know? I do not disclose it to others. When I am with these people, I behave like these people. I have to sow seed. I have already sowed seeds worth about fifteen hundred rupees and if they are eaten by locusts, what will my children survive on? You and Maharaj have given me sufficient food to survive, but in this world, you as well I am always in need. You want ladu and gadun (cart; in broader sense, a vehicle to travel). When someone feeds you ladu and if he thinks that after taking meal you would go on foot, will it do? How can you do without a cart? Everything is needed. Divine talks of both of ours are different from others. But in this world, everything is required. We should keep balance between the two. Otherwise, it will not be suitable for this world. Therefore, it is kept thus.” || 15 ||