Bapasri showing his favour, talked. He said, “If God’s devotee does katha-varta, association with saints, service devotion, etc. sincerely he will be fulfilled in this birth itself. Jiva does not want to do anything and is on the look out for krpasadhya (which can be got by grace) but not on the look out for kriyasadhya (which can be got by efforts)- because there is labour in it- therefore do not remain feeble, be ready to please Maharaj. Maharaj is soon pleased on him who is having real feeling. Bapasri quoted an example on this point. There was Maha Mukta old woman in Dandhavya region. With folded hand she asked Maharaj if she could offer Him meals. Saying so, she would prepare meal for Maharaj. Thereafter she would taste the food to see that everything is all right or not. Bhaguji came to know about it and complained to Maharaj. Maharaj told him to take the test and told him if she was doing thus, beat her. Though as order was given to beat her, as the old woman was really the knower of greatness, she would chant Swaminarayana, Swaminarayana while turning the spinning wheel, he thought how he could beat such devotee. Then the talk was referred to Brahmanand Swami, Swami told Maharaj that he had given such an order but the task is very tough because the old woman is Maha Mukta. Then Sriji Maharaj said such order even if it was His it should not be obeyed. Saying so Maharaj praised Rajbai. Therefore, whatever is done, if it is done sincerely it will reach the destination and Maharaj will be pleased. He, who has understanding of everything, will not stop anywhere. Liberation is possible by the grace of Maharaj.”

Bapasri said, “The greatness of anadi mukta of Maharaj is much. If one feeds such muktas, its fruit will be feeding infinite cosmoses. An example was quoted on this point. Once Rajbai got meals prepared for five hundred saints, when it was ready Sriji Maharaj sent Muktanand Swami, Gopalanand Swami, Nityanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami, etc. four saints to take meals. These saints went there and ate meals of five hundred saints. When Rajbai came to know about it she became very sorry and started worrying how she would be able to feed other saints and began to cry. She got meals ready second time. That meals too were eaten by those four sadgurus in the same way. Rajbai became sad and went to Maharaj and told Him about it. Maharaj called those four sadgurus and asked Brahmanand Swami, how much they had eaten. Swami replied that he had only eaten a very little and other saints must have also eaten very little at the most. The remaining meals was fed to muktas of all abodes. It was eaten by infinite muktas. On hearing this Rajbai started jumping joyfully and became very pleased. To know such great muktas and do their service and please them means Mahaprabhuji is also pleased with them. The one who does not know this practice will not be able to know what is right or wrong. The cause of all is Sriji Maharaj and His work is infinite incarnation, supernatural power and divine power. Therefore, looking the richness and power of Sriji Maharaj who is cause and doer, one should determine to meditate on divine Murti along with the understanding of Maharaj’s greatness. Always keep divine feeling for Maharaj and muktas. There is happiness in keeping our tendency in the tendency of muktas means their wish should be our wish. Remain engrossed in Murti. Incarnated God, incarnated mukta, incarnated saint, are not recognised by human beings but afterwards we miss them. Therefore, have much understanding of greatness. Passion is not avoided without pleasing God and great muktas. An example of Kanabi was quoted. At the time of his death he desired to eat rab (a kind of liquid siro). It took some time in preparing rab and in the meanwhile, he died. Since his desire was for rab he became ghost after his death. Therefore one should not keep passion anywhere excepting in Murti. If one remains in the tendency of Maharaj and muktas and joins Murti by engrossing in it, as if he is in Aksardham with this body itself. And it is the last birth and he has got ultimate liberation. If one has faith in great muktas they can fulfil him within a day, whereas the same work will take six months if one remains in satsang round the clock. This opportunity will not come back. When it is said that there is determination for satsang– it is said only then when there is no attachment elsewhere excepting Maharaj and great muktas, and he will have no attachment with any gods or goddess. Once it has been determined that it is a mango tree, there will not be any other determination for it for the knower of the tree even though someone may say that it is not a mango tree but a neem tree. Day in and day out it is a mango tree. Similarly, God is only Purusottam Sri Swaminarayana and there is no any other God excepting Him. His muktas and saints are also the form of Murti- determine firmly thus.” || 84 ||