On the morning of Maha Vad 10th, topic about doer, nondoer and Anyathakarta (deed getting it done by some one else) was being discussed in the assembly. Then Bapashri said, “Once great Muktas thought that we were liberating Jivas by getting done them satsang.” There Shriji Maharaj showed another divine luminescence assembly above the assembly of saint. Seeing that all exclaimed what this was! Then Shriji Maharaj said, “This is the assembly of Akshardham, and it is Anyathakarta (meaning as above). Then Maharaj said that this Jiva has sleep in the form of fascination which is blind horse and it takes faults of this gotra because of the snare of fascination. This assembly is divine even then faults are being found from it by snare of fascination. Therefore one should associate with God’s saints and should become pious by avoiding all flaws- then only he will not find fault of this assembly.

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “How to become pious?” Bapashri replied, “He can become pious by using senses of knowledge for the purpose of knowledge and senses of karma (deeds) for the purpose of karma. Thus, if one uses all his senses for performing activities related to God, he can become pious. Secondly, if he bathes in this Brahm assembly, he will become pious. This is Brahmagni. In this assembly if he grasps the knowledge, he will not be away from Murti. One must have firmness for God like a married woman who is faithful to her husband, -it should be very firm. If the body is going to fall (means death), let it fall but should not rely on medicine. If he relies on other god, his worship is like an immoral woman. ‘Pativratano dharma achal kari paljo.’- One should do devotion like a faithful woman. A woman who was faithful to her husband gave priority to her husband’s work by keeping aside the work which she was doing. Such kind of devotion like faithful married woman should be done but should not become wanderer. No body cares for wanderer. When Shriji Maharaj Himself has met one should not go to any other god or devil because doctors also are not exception to death. Many old men are living here without taking any medicine whereas doctors meet their death in the young age of twenty-five. On the contrary, medicine harms the body. Therefore, one should not depend on medicine or on jantra-mantra or gods or devil. We should also not depend on alchemist who are unreliable. They show gold by hypnotizing. Afterwards there is nothing. Therefore they should not be trusted. The one who has recognised Swaminarayan will not be influenced by any one of them. Today Shriji Maharaj and Muktas have built the path of staunch welfare. Those who do not follow the rules given in it and violates vartman are fit for hell. They will never come out. Therefore they should be avoided. Today gnanyagna and yogyagna are being held. There will be ultimate liberation in it. In Satyug if one meditated for one lakh years, he would get only darshan of God. In Tretayug if one performs yagna for ten thousand years, he would get darshan and in Dwaperyug if one serves God for one thousand years, he will have darshan. In Kaliyug if one sings devotional song for hundred years he would get darshan. In present time, we are attaching devotees to Shriji Maharaj’s Murti by making them immersed in it. Such is the power of this time. Today if one does darshan of saints-devotees, at every step there will be Brahmyagna and it will give him ultimate liberation. This is yogyagna and brahmyagna. One who has come in it will need no second birth. We will put him in Murti directly. Such is the power of physical Murti. Though Yudhisthir had trust in scripture, he was not benefited. Scriptures are written by seers having illusive attributes. Therefore one should not trust those and scriptures written by Shriji Maharaj are divine and they should be trusted. If one is to be repented or be talked with him, it should be done without any attributes but should not be done with three attributes (satva, raj, tams). Truth which is spoken is by the grace of Maharaj and if lie is spoken it is because of illusion (maya) -thus it should be known. || 149 ||