On the morning of Chaitra Sud 11th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked in the assembly. He said, “Murti of Shriji Maharaj is beyond the imagination and its bliss is also beyond imagination- it is limitless. Anadi Muktas enjoy that bliss every time in new form by remaining in Murti from toe to head since the time immemorial. For them there is no limit for the bliss or for the Murti. Muktas have endless sight. They see and enjoy everywhere. Moreover they can see and grasp through every nails of their body- such is the bliss. Therefore everything should be made false except Murti.

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “Please make them false by your grace.” Bapashri said, “We have to give Murti but efforts are to be done by you.” Again Swami said, “Please get the efforts done by your grace.” Bapashri said, “It will be fulfilled at the proper time and Murti will be installed and will take you in Murti. I always talk in such a manner. Many great saints (nand) used to come here. Some times twenty, sometimes thirty, forty, etc. We used to serve them and used to talk as we are talking today. This is being done since time immemorial. If any saint feels unhappy, I make him happy by taking away his unhappiness on my head. Some wanted to be saint and if they have many obstacles, we used to give them food secretly and make them leave from family. Today also, we are doing the same and all are given to Maharaj. This we are doing always but it is not new. If someone says it is new, he knows! We have nothing to do with this. I am doing katha-varta from time immemorial and also getting it done and saints get together. Great saints (nands) like Loknathanand Swami, Bhomanand Swami, Badrinathanand Swami, etc. used to come. Swami Nirgundasji used to come with twenty five to thirty saints and used to stay here for a month or two months and Vachanamrut were read and used to talk the greatness of Maharaj and used to do service- I am also doing in the same way and getting it done. Vachanamrut is filled with only juice of Shriji Maharaj. In Samvat 1957, Kashirambhai left his body. Then Ranchhodlalbhai called us to Morbi, we had gone there. From there we wanted to come back to kutch but Govinbhai and Kalubhai told us that the steamer had been damaged and it would take six days to repair it. So we went to Gadhada, Junaghadh, and got down at Rajkot on the return journey. There Thakor Saheb of Malia, Modji Darbar, Zaverilalbhai’s younger brother Harilalbhai of Nadiad who was big officer of Government and brahmgnani used to talk much but we talked about Vachanamrut so he could not talk afterwards. The one who has knowledge of Vachanamrut cannot be won by any one in this cosmos.

Bapashri asked Swami Ishwarcharandasji, “How long are you going to stay?” Swami said, “At the most five days, not more than that because the time of collecting charity is ripe. Bapashri said, “If you want to stay for fifteen days, you can, and if for few days plan to go tomorrow morning.” Swami said the limit of fifteen days is not understood. Bapashri said, “If do not go tomorrow some saint may detain you for fifteen days.” Then Swami said that if stayed for fifteen days, charity could not be got. Then Bapashri said to start the very next day so all saints started on the day of 12th went to Bhuj and stayed there for a night. On that night saint Purushottamdasji had high fever so he did not eat anything on the day of 13th. Then hiring taxis they started in the evening and reached Khari road in the morning and saint was unconscious – he became such ill. When they sat in the ship there was great storm in the sea. Then Kanjibhai, Harji and Hirji, three were going together for the work of Patdi temple. They feared that the ship may sink. Swami Ishwarcharandasji said that while starting from Vrushpur Bapashri had asked him by which route he would go. He had said that he wanted to go Khari road. Then Bapashri said that o.k. he would know afterwards. Then he asked him if ship would sink. Then Bapashri said that it would not sink but the state of sinking would be felt. Bapashri had told like this. Therefore it would not sink. Then they became courageous and got down at Navlakhi. There master Krupashankerbhai brought a coat and sick saint was taken to the bungalow in that coat. After staying for night came to Morbi station in the morning by train. There all devotees came and Govinbhai opened the bungalow of Thakor Saheb and all landed there. Then when we were performing puja after taking bath, saint Purushottampriyadasji who was in the coat became conscious and had the darshan of Bapashri. Then he got up and prostrated before all and told Swami to prostrate before Bapashri who was standing there. Swami said, “What does Bapashri say?” Then he said, Bapashri says that he felt cold in sea, felt hungry, felt thirsty and if asked for anything from where they would bring it. Therefore he was made unconscious. Then he said that Bapashri became invisible. Then he asked where they were. Swami said that they had reached Morbi. There food was cooked and Thakorji was offered meal. From there came to village Devpara by rail. On the noon of Chaitra Vad 11th, saint left his body. Bapashri made and took that saint with him. Then only they came to know that Bapashri had said some saint would detain him for fifteen days. According to his prediction this saint has left his body exactly after fifteen days. || 146 ||