On the evening of Vaishakh Sud 11th, Bapashri and all saints and devotees went to Kakarwadi to bathe. After taking bath they performed mental worship under mango tree.

Then Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Since Maharaj and Muktas themselves have met us, we should constantly meditate on Shriji Maharaj’s Murti by becoming introvert. While meditating if Murti appears in luminescence, it can be said that what has to be done, has been done. Katha, varta, etc is the food of satsangi but to dwell in Murti constantly is to be done. This would have to be done without fail. When it is talked about greatness all like it and when it is talked about meditation all hesitate. It is felt that it is harmful, but it would be done at any cost. The matter related to Murti is so difficult as if one is locked permanently. The father of unworthy son may repeatedly tell him to do as he is told but he will not do it even though the father will get tired by repeated advice. Similarly you have been repeatedly told to meditate but you are not doing it. When bullock is pierced to go ahead, it would walk small distance and again will stop – how can the path be covered in this way? When it is talked about meditation, Jiva meditates for a while and again leaves it. Jiva has become blank; it does not walk on that path. It likes Kotharu, Bhandaru, Mahantai, (store, kitchen and head of the particular temple). One thinks that Bhandari or Mahant is appointed from our group of saints but he ignores meditation but there is no way out without it. If one does not realize Murti by meditation and remaining in this association, he will be guilty of Maharaj and Muktas. If he insists for meditation, Murti will appear in luminescence and it will be realized within six months, or even before that. What cannot done with this body?-everything can be done. If Thakorji is not fed (Thakorji means we ourselves) for two months, the body will decay. Just as much care is taken for body if similar care is taken for Murti, Murti will realize.

Purani Dharmakishordasji said that it is possible with your grace. Then Bapashri said, “The grace of Muktas is such that they can give Murti and make one fulfilled, though the time of death is very near. Today Maharaj and Muktas are seated in the assembly and if you insist, they will make you realized, they even will not take time of six months. This assembly is witness of it.

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “As soon as Shriji Maharaj beat Zumakhram, with a stick he was given Murti. If you do the same way, Murti will appear.” Bapashri said, “It is better to eat food from our own earning than to eat from earning by begging. Similarly if realization is achieved by our own effort, Muktas will be pleased by seeing that and there will be much happiness. So the happiness which we are going to get after death that should be enjoyed till this body is alive- it must be done. It is the grace of Maharaj and Muktas so they themselves have met us. It is possible to realize Murti at this time. Who is going to give you such talks? If you do not realize Murti in this opportunity, who will get it realized for you. So do this only and leave aside everything. Foot print (charnarvind) and objects are of no use. If you keep Murti everything is achieved. There is eagerness in activity but not in cause -it is a big defect. This opportunity has come at this time and should be seized and Murti must be realized. After this talk, Bapashri met all and all came to the temple. || 167 ||