Once, Bapasri, Swami Vrndavandasji, Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. saints and devotees had gone to Karachi. There was a doctor. At the time of departure he insisted for extending their stay. Bapasri said that Dr. Nagardasbhai was ill in Viramgam so they had to go there but because of much insistence they extended the stay. At that time Nagardasbhai had darsan of Bapasri and saints in Viramgam, so he was very much pleased and asked Bapasri that he was in Karachi and when he came there. You made me happy by darsan. Bapasri said that they stayed back in Karachi by the insistence of a doctor but he remembered him much so he was given darsan in the divine form and disappeared. ||82 ||