Harnarayanabhai of Dhrangadhra who was a sculptor was working at Vaḍtal and he was devotee of Ganapati. There he became satsangi. Sriji Maharaj gave him darsan along with Narnarayana, Laximinarayan, etc. They merged in Mūrti. Then Ganapati held the hand of Harnarayana and told Sriji Maharaj that here was your child. Then Sriji Maharaj gave him darsan of all paramhamsas and told him that Gopalanand Swami was his guru-saying so he disappeared. Thereafter whenever he meditated he had darsan of five hundred paramhamsas along with Sriji Maharaj. Then he went to the temple of Dhrangadhra. There he got darsan of Sriji Maharaj sitting on a chair. In Samvat year 1964, he became ill and felt that he was near Ghansyam Mūrti in the assembly hall at Muli-thus he got darsan for twenty-one days. When Purani Dharmakisordasji went to Dhrangadhra he told him that he got such darsan. Purani asked him if Maharaj or saints talked with him. He said no. Then Purani told him that according to the 5th Vachanamṛt of Vaḍtal when one meets Satpuruṣa himself (physically), the defect of hundred births become nul and void and during this birth he purifies, so when they meet personally one is fulfilled. Saying so, he was introduced to Bapasri and asked him to meditate on Maharaj along with Bapasri and saints. He went home and when he meditated, he got darsan of Sriji Maharaj between Gopalanand Swami and Bapasri. Both of them disappeared in Mūrti and there remained only Sriji Maharaj. Then he went to Muli. At the seat of Brahmachari there is a big Idol of Brahmanand Swami and while he was having darsan at that place the Idol of Brahmanand Swami stretched its hand in front of Harnarayana and told him since he had met Anadi mukta who is very great so nothing would be remain unfulfilled. Then he went to Patan. There his brother’s son became ill. Harnarayana gave him prasadi water of Maharaj remembering Bapasri, so he became well. Bapasri gave him darsan and told that his life span was over but since he gave his name so he (Bapasri) had to make him well. Then he went for darsan of Maharaj at Muli. He had money with him so he feared. Maharaj and Bapasri gave him darsan and held his hands on both sides and on both sides he was getting divine luminous darsan of infinite muktas and thus he came to the temple from station. Then Maharaj and Bapasri disappeared. At that time he saw Mūrtis and assembly as divine luminous. At night he went to bring fire wood for warming up. He had the sankalpa that there might be thorns in sticks. Bapasri gave darsan and told him that there were no thorns. He brought sticks and told that matter to Sadguru Ramkrishnadasji Swami and Purani Dharmakisordasji so Ramkrishnadasji Swami developed much love for Bapasri. When Swami became ill he was constantly getting attached in Mūrti. At the time of his death Maharaj and Bapasri gave him darsan and took him away. || 31 ||