On the day of Jeth Vad 8th ,the 16th Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that while meditating the thought of object for which it arises, will take you in that Lok (abode). Bapashri said, “If the thoughts are done passionately, he will be put in that Lok in which there are objects of his liking and if one gets angry for such thoughts, he will not be put in that Lok (abode). Therefore, desireless thoughts which are common will not take him in that Lok. He will get birth in satsang and will get good opportunity. If he seizes that opportunity and does means as Muktas tell him, he will soon become passionless and will go to Akshardham. And if he keeps laziness, he will have to take births often in satsang, and when he becomes passionless, he will go to Akshardham. Because unless he gets darshan of causal Murti of Maharaj and Muktas in his soul, there is some objection. Just as if there is pain in body and it is not forgotten, similarly, the one who constantly remember Maharaj and Muktas, he will have no problem. Therefore, to avoid problem one should attach mind to Muktas. Since I have met you, I will put you in the cadre of Anadi at the time of death. Nobody will remain unhappy. I am eager to draw all devotees in their respective cadres. Just as devotees of various villages are eager to take us in their respective villages, similarly, I am eager to take you with me. So I will take you. You have met real Muktas like me, so will definitely take you. But those who have met modern Muktas will not take them who have love for them and they themselves will not go too. They will suffer from hunger, misery and a beating. Therefore, such persons should not be trusted. If there is love for Muktas one can get attached to them. The Muktas who are attached to Murti and those who attach to them will also get attached to Murti and will become happy. Therefore, one should catch hold of causal Murti. Those who have love for such Anadis should not do vain efforts and should not fear what will happen.It has already been fulfilled. Except Maharaj kal, karma etc. should not be known as doer. Storm or rain may take place or may not – that is done by Maharaj- it is done according to the wish of Maharaj. ‘Mari marji vina re koithi tarnu nav todaya‘ -nobody can even break a straw without my desire. A devotee told Maharaj in Vartal that he could break a straw but as soon as he went to break it, his hands became numb and he could not move. If one knows Maharaj as such doer, he is all fulfilled even if Murti is not seen. He is there in Murti in his life span. Therefore, if one knows Maharaj as doer of everything his fate is Shriji Maharaj himself. Even then one should not dwell in adverse place and in adverse time- should live in favourable place and time.

Jagannath Master of Godhavi asked, “Whatever activities all Jivas do whether they do them according to wish of Maharaj or not?” Bapashri said, “This has been said for creators of this world i.e. Mulpurushs, Vasudevbrahm, Akshars. They all do the creation etc. according to His wish. If He does not wish they can do nothing. Other Jivas who are under the influence of karma, do activities according to their karma and nature. They are told by scripture and satpurush which activity is to be done and which is not to be done. That has been shown by shriji Maharaj in Shikshapatri, etc. one should follow that. This has been not said in scriptures for Mulakshar, Gods, etc. They act according to the wish of Shriji Maharaj. They are not under the influence of karma. Jivas which are under the influence of karma should act according to the commands of scriptures and if they do not act accordingly they will suffer. After this talk Bapashri told saints to calculate how far they have reached. Saints said that they have reached up to the charan (feet) of shree Swaminarayan. He can do whatever He likes. Bapashri said, ‘satpurush vakyam na chalti dharma‘-the words of satpurush does not go against dharma’. Then Purani Nandkishordasji was asked by Bapashri, “How do you understand it? Where does this talk come from?” Then swami said, “It is right from the Murti of Maharaj.” Then Bapashri said, “Do not forget. I fear you will definitely forget.” Saying so Bapahree said while meditating Murti may not be seen from head to feet (from nail of feet to shikha-choti). That means if you look at the charan (feet), the face or head will not be seen and if you look at the face or head, charan (feet) may not be seen-it should be known that it is being seen by tendency of eyes and when the whole Murti is seen, it should be known that it is being seen by the tendency of Jiva. Thus continuing meditation when the tendency becomes the form of Murti but the knowledge of body and the world is not there, it is called upsham (tranquility). The activity of that tranquil person is being done according to the wish of Shriji Maharaj. But he does not have the knowledge of it. Gordhanbhai would take away child pulling its leg, but does not know how to catch hold the child, he would not know whether it is sugar or salt. Sometimes he would eat more and sometimes less and sometimes he even will not eat, such was his life, because, everything was directed by Maharaj. It is Shriji Maharaj who is looking after him, just as the fate of child is its parents. They keep it away from snake, tiger, fire, etc. In the same way Shriji Maharaj takes care of him. When Harji was young he caught hold a snake from its tail and I made him leave it. Similarly, shriji Maharaj takes care of a tranquil person. When Ayodhaprasdji Maharaj was meditating there was a scorpion in his clothes and it bit him at seven or eight places but he did not give up meditation. After meditation he asked his servant to see what was there in his clothes. His servant found that it was scorpion. That state is more than tranquility. Moreover, when he visited Gamdi village, in dudhpak (preparation of milk) instead of sugar salt was put by mistake but Ayodhayaprasadji ate it as usual. That state is also said to be greater than that of Gordhanbhai. Because Gordhanbhai had no knowledge but Ayodhyaprasadji had firmness of soul. With that firmness of soul,he could bare the pain of scorpion and ate salt, so it is called peculiar state and better than that state is appearance of whole Murti in all three states (jagrut, swapna , susupti) and It is seen in soul. And even better than that is the state in which Shriji Maharaj’s luminescence which is called soul and Murti is realized in that luminescence. The one with such state is called Siddh Mukta or Param Ekantik and the one who takes happiness of Murti by becoming one with Murti is called Anadi and he is the best of all. When once Raghuvirji Maharaj had came to Amdavad, he told Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj that he was very much bound in the activities of the city. Then Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj asked him to hand over the administation of Vartal to Bhagwatprasadji and he would hand over his administration to Keshavprasadji. He further said, “Both of us go to Gadhada, Muli, or Junagadh or Bhuj wherever you order and sitting at that place we do constant meditation and devotion of Shriji Maharaj. When Raghuvirji Maharaj said nothing-Ayodhyaprasadji said, “Since when I have come to Shriji Maharaj I see the whole Murti of Shriji Maharaj in mass of luminescence in all three states and the administration of this Amdavad satsang has no value for me. I always remain engrossed in Murti.” Such was the state of Shree Ayodhayaprasadji Maharaj. || 194 ||