On noon of Maha Vad 11th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “One should have more trust in words of today’s saint and devotees rather than that of former seers. If the any one drinks or bathes in the water in which Shriji Maharaj and his saint have bathed and any bird flying over it will be liberated- such is the importance of today. The one who does not know Shriji Maharaj and Muktas as Supreme Being and does not keep constant memory is atheist. One can have greatness by education or by age but the real greatness is to get attached with Murti. In Bhuj no body was asking to sit in front of Swami Balmukunddasji but he used to enjoy fun with Murti. Therefore talk of Mahaprbhuji is complex. Unless one has badhitanuvruti (restricted tendency) will not know greatness of his own and that of Maharaj, just as Baldevji did not. Today Shriji Maharaj has given you such strength. If one does not take advantage of this time and wastes means does not get himself fulfilled, he will have to take another birth and will be called mean. If one has the darshan of God’s devotee whose appearance is pleasant and his speech is sweet, he will be benefited. If that devotee comes out of satsang will become like a corpse and nobody will touch him. Therefore one should remain absorbed in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and should desire Murti and bliss of Murti. If one wishes to see any miracle or wants no covering (niravaran-sight and hearing) against his any sense or desires to be supreme being is said to be wishing undesirable things of the world. Moreover, if only luminescence of Murti which is Akshardham appears without Murti is also undesirable. If Murti and Muktas both are seen everywhere it is called that he is introvert and also said to be desireless, therefore one should remain absorbed in Murti. When is it possible?-if the greatness is known thoroughly it is possible. In this world the greatness of money is known, hence one remains in sea for four months and bears unhappiness in the ship for the family. Similarly if the greatness of Shriji and saints is known, he will have much faith in doing service. One should serve Shriji Maharaj and his Muktas feed them, etc- he attains the fruit of this service, which is the bliss of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti in Akshardham. For earning livelihood if one gives lot of pain to his body, it is like corrosion of dry wood when it is watered.. Whereas this pain gets one immersed in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti. If green plant is watered, it would become green within an hour even if it was drying, similarly one can get the fruit of service. The one who takes service is also eager to see that his servant is taken to Akshardham as soon as possible. The service for Maharaj and Anadi Mukta is better than that of satsang because it gets one attached to Murti and installs Supreme Lord Swaminarayan in his jiva, therefore one should serve them. Everywhere one should believe that doer is Shriji Maharaj but not that of any one viz., illusion (maya), karma, nature, kal (god of death), Brahm, Akshar are not the doer. If in the adverse country, time, company, etc or if there is harassment by the king or if someone dies at that time one believes that kal has done it, he takes God as kal and he believes that it has been done by illusion, karma, or naturally, he takes God as illusion, karma and nature. When rain, wind, cold, heat, all become in excess or less, if he abuses, he has not known God as the doer. We should believe Shriji Maharaj as the doer everywhere but not other than He namely Akshar etc. One should remain away from adverse region, time, company, activity, etc and should behave according to the commands of Shriji Maharaj. The one who behaves according to the words of Shriji Maharaj becomes such that he does good of his own and of his companion. After this talk, he said that if this body leaves this world, the miseries like lifting bundles of wood would be over and get the bliss of Sheeji’s Murti which is absolute empire. Therefore one should believe much joy in going to Akshardham. One should remember sickle and bandhiya (small rope for tying), i.e., labour of his past, it means that if one will go astray in satsang again miseries would have to be faced like in past. There are Akshar, etc before Akshardham all are preventor from going there therefore Shriji Maharaj and great Muktas should be kept with us to save us from them but robbers should not be kept. There are many robbers-they rob us by becoming pandit (learned), by becoming disciple and by his intellect and lastly he would rob Shriji Maharaj’s prasadi. The one who has prasadi will have to take the side of the party in which he is even though there is injustice and it will be blot on him and he fall from the path of salvation, therefore all desires should be given up and only Murti should be kept. || 150 ||