On the day of Bhadarva Vad 5th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “We may be devoting more time for meditation, devotional songs, katha-varta and worship. On the other hand we may find that other saints and devotees are sleeping, get up late, do less meditation, worship or may not be doing at all, in this case we should know that they have already completed it before and for us it is still to be dome- in this way we should believe ourselves as doing nothing compared to their means. We should do means with dedication and never allow fault of any one to come between us – only take their virtue. In case if any fault is found in someone, we should think that he will suffer. We should know that Maharj is the giver of penalty. If one has trust in us, he should be told in a simple way and if some one behave violating the rules of satsang, he should be scolded. If he does not confine in us, he should be pressurised through some one else. He should be made pure by making him repent and bring him on the right path so that he is benefited. Even then if he remains adamant, Muktas should be requested to drive him out of satsang. We should give up his company but if his fault is because of his physical nature, it should be ignored and we should not be proud of our own virtues. We should give up feelings of serving the master, humbleness, without qualities of attributes-means, we should not keep tendency towards them. Our tendency should be towards only Murti so Murti will remain. In meditation if one gets bliss of Murti and after meditation if he feels that his meditation was very perfect, all his efforts will be useless. How dedicated servant I am! How humble I am! This type of feelings are like buffaloes grazing green grass in forests and after grazing they return to their master’s place as usual. Therefore do not remember fruits of meditation. This is the feeling of attribute- it is like the shadow of the body, which does not get separated. Similarly if one sets aside Murti, all his means are like shadow, which cannot be avoided. The one who keeps Murti with him will not remember the means. Just as if some one keeps the light of the sun behind, and want to get rid of shadow, it will not go but if he keeps the light of the sun in the front of him the shadow will vanish. Similarly if one keeps Maharaj in front of him, the importance of means will become null and void. The person with resolution is miserable and the person having feeling of last stage (means about to leave this world) is happy. Therefore one should stand on the doors in the form of knowledge and remember Maharaj. If one adopts only means of devotion and service it will be binding for him. The administrator is also unhappy. Jiva thinks that it is important because of its sainthood, its authority, its skill of activity, its speech, its smartness, its education, its wealth, it believes in infinite kinds of importance. They all give agony and are binding. So long there is attributes of illusion (maya), he is unhappy. When he realizes that there is no illusion at all, he is happy. All means are obliging but unless one gets attached to Murti, there is no happiness. When he knows this, he will be flawless. Therefore one who wishes to take the bliss of Maharaj early, he should give up passion, anger, divinity, publicity, credit, fame, etc. Then only there will be bliss of Maharaj. In case these sins come to us, we should pray to Muktas and these Muktas will destroy them. The achievement which is not possible even after lacs of years will be achieved by darashan only. Moreover, by darshan all the Karmas of the previous birth will be destroyed- such is grandeur of Muktas. || 104 ||