On the morning of Fagan Vad 30th, the 4th Vachanamrut of the Last Chapter of Gadhada was being read in assembly. In it there was a reference about restricted tendency (badhitanuvrutti) in the first question. Then Bapashri said, “It is very difficult to understand the gist of restricted tendency, because those who did not know the state of Gordhanbhai used to find faults in him. He who remains detached (upsham- trance state) from his physical body gets bliss of Maharaj but once again gets attached to his physical body when he does the work of worldly affairs. And the one who has always Murti in all three states (wakening, subconscious and dream) is called Anadi Mukta with swarupnistha (one with God). In their association illusion, body, passion, attachment, etc appears like crow’s excrement. Those only who go in trance will get jolt like Ravjibhai. Anadi Muktas go in trance for the welfare of other Jivas but not for themselves. For them it is like tortoise which moves either spreading its body or contracting it- similarly it makes no difference to them. For Anadi Muktas it is always the same. The seeker would know that those who have gone in trance have become very happy but they are always in Murti. Such Muktas perhaps go in trance by the wish of Mahaprabhuji for the good of other Jivas and some times if they do not do it and if some one says that the happiness of trance has gone, it will be a great sin because they are independent. Ratna Bhakta of this village was Mukta and Kachara Bhakta of Dahisara was also Mukta- both of them left this world and went to Akshardham. It was rumoured that both of them have become ghosts. Then I asked, “Who will go in Murti or Akshardham if both of them have become ghosts and therefore it will be big sin for the one who tells lie.” In case if they give darshan to some one after going to Akshardham, it should be known that it has been given in the divine form. When they catch hold of some one and if that fellow behaves abnormally (dhune), it should be known that they have become ghosts. Muktas are of indescribable (divine) activities because they are independent. Therefore sometimes they give darshan in the wakening state independently, sometimes in dream and sometimes in the heart and sometimes in the state of detachment of physical body, it should not be considered as their passion. The discourses came to an end after this talk. || 81 ||