On the evening of Bhadarva Vad 12th, Bapashri and all saints and devotees went to Kakarwadi to bathe. After taking bath they performed mental worship.

Then Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “In the present time innumerable Jivas are taken in the bliss of Maharaj’s Murti, but Jiva does not realize the greatness of Maharaj. But if it sincerely associates with Muktas, it will understand the greatness and there will remain nothing to be done. If one keeps Shriji Maharaj’s Murti in heart, he will be blessed by Muktas. This time is such that one can dwell in Murti with the physical body but Jiva is ignorant and does not understand His (God’s) greatness. Wherever we imagine, Maharaj and Muktas are there because they are independent and they are present and they see seekers seated in luminescence -thus they themselves see. The place where Anadi Muktas are there is very great- it is equal to Akshardham. If delicious dishes prepared for Maharaj are offered to Murti, Mahaprabhuji himself dines so also Mukta. The one who goes to a big Yagna organised by some one in this world, will not be allowed to go hungry. Similarly if some one comes in contact with Muktas he will not remain without getting happiness. His sins of time immemorial will be eradicated, such Muktas are recognised by the one whose good deeds of infinite time have matured and going to get salvation. If the foot dust of Muktas put on his head, understanding their greatness he will get ultimate salvation. Wherever Muktas put their feet, that land becomes holy and if that dust falls on some one, he will also be liberated. Wherever great Muktas bath in rivers or lakes or dip their feet all Jiva in that water will be liberated and Varundev (God of water) also comes for darshan and he is also benefited. The one who puts the water on his head by understanding its greatness, where great Muktas have taken bath his five great sins will be burnt and he will be liberated. But without understanding the greatness of that water if one puts it on head, it will not be beneficial. On the topic the example of Laxmirambhai was given. Sadguru Shri Nirgundasji Swami was bathing in our Lakhaiwadi. That water was flowing in the front part of the well. Laxmirambhai was putting it (water) on his head. Seeing that Swami Shri asked, “What are you doing this?” Laxmirambhai replied, “Revd. Swami, I am poor, unhealthy, poor Brahmin; how can I afford to go on pilgrimage to Kashi, Dwarika, Gayaji, Jagannathpuri, Ganga, Godavari, Sarasvati, Yamuna, etc? For me all this pilgrimages are here today.” Having such understanding if one puts the water in which Muktas have bathed on his head, his all five great sins, etc will be burnt and will get ultimate liberation. The tree under which Muktas sit and fruits, flower, leaf which are taken in use, will be benefited. Just see! This babul is considered to be demon but it is very fortunate, because under it we are performing Brahmyagna so it is also liberated. Once Anadi MahaMuktaraj Shri Nirgundasji Swami sent Sadguru Shri Nirmalanand Swami and Swami Vrajvallabhdasji from Dholka to Umreth to bring the book on commentary on the Geeta from Sadguru Shri Gopalanand Swami. There a devotee of Gandevi near Navsari brought mangoes of Bhadraprad. Those mangoes were eaten by Swamishri and all other saints. The fruit stones of mangoes were being collected to sow them in the farm of Dholka. At that time saints of Gopalanand Swami said that fruit stones of the mangoes eaten by Swamishri would not grow. Therefore do not take them. Then Swami put aside those fruit stones and sowed them in the farm of Dholka but fruit stones of mangoes eaten by Swamishri did not grow but eaten by other saints grew. Thus the things which come in use of Muktas gets liberation. Such is the power of Muktas. All came to the temple after the talk was over. || 114 ||