The time was up for katha so Bapasri came in the assembly after having darsan of Ṭhakorji. At that time, Sanwaldasbhai, Sivjibhai, Govindbhai, etc. devotees decided to take photograph of the assembly. They told about it to the saints. Swami Isvarcharanadasji told them to talk to Bapasri about it. All devotees requested Bapasri to allow them to take a photograph so that the memory of this divine assembly remains with them. Bapasri said, “If one remembers constantly this assembly as it is, means photograph has been taken. One should keep constant memory that this assembly is divine luminous and of Aksardham, is of Anadi muktas and in the centre Maharaj sits, thus great saints say. Photographs are recent discovery. Formerly the great Sadgurus, Maha Muktas had divine sight (niravarana) and used to be in trance. They used to sit under neem tree and used to see constantly Maharaj along with the assembly of saints and devotees. Do like them, so the need for photograph will not arise.” Then devotees prayed and requested Bapasri that they were ordinary devotees and could not do as muktas. Therefore, allow them so that the ordinary devotees, as well young children could get the memory of darsan. Then Bapasri agreed and said that if the whole assembly sits he has no objection. Saying so, Bapasri went to the homes of Maganbhai, etc. devotees residing in the compound of temple to give darsan on their insistence and came back. In the assembly, devotees and saints were being arranged for the photograph. Bapasri was made to sit in the centre, and beside him there was group of saints and devotees who had come with them. Some devotees stood behind. Many devotees younger and elder like Lalubhai, Mahadevbhai, Hirabhai, Mohanbhai, Amichandbhai, Somchandbhai, Gordhanbhai, Govindbhai, etc. sat near one another. The photographer told all to sit without any movement for a minute and then he soon took the photograph. Bapasri was pleased and said that only this much time! For the photograph, one has to sit in position. Similarly, if we have the same desire as Maharaj and great Anadis wish, they may immediately put us in the happiness. Today Mahaprabhuji seems to be very much pleased. He has come to liberate innumerable jivas. Maharaj has much mercy on jiva. Great muktas have written about His mercy in scriptures. In the present time, Sriji Maharaj does the same work so one, who takes His shelter, will be fearless. The tradition started by Him is neither seen nor heard. While he was talking thus a saint sitting at distance was singing to memorise a kirtan. On hearing this, Bapasri showed much pleasure and he was making movements with the rhythm with playing upon pinch and said that whosoever has love for God, this kirtan-bhakti is the best. A kirtan should be sung by remembering Murti. God and His muktas are much pleased when they hear kirtans about signs, lila, charitra, etc. what have we to do after coming in satsang? We should know Sriji Maharaj supreme as He is and should be worshipped along with His glory. In all activities of ours, viz. walking, eating, drinking, we should remain engrossed in Murti. Maharaj looks at us and knows everything- keep such understanding. Nothing is unknown to Maharaj. Knowing thus pleasure of Maharaj can be had. On that point, Bapasri gave an example. In some village, three brothers were living together. They separated afterwards. One brother got old house in his part. After four or five years when he was renovating the house, he found a pot of money from the house. He called other two brothers and gave them their parts. His friends told him that his brothers had no knowledge of the hidden money and since he has got it from his house how his brothers can ask for their share. He told them that they had no knowledge but Sriji Maharaj knows that this wealth belongs to all. So how they could not ask for their shares? Thus, in the understanding of God’s devotee it always remains that God knows everything. So he knows that if he does injustice, Sriji Maharaj will not be pleased on him. Therefore, a devotee would never do anything so that Sriji Maharaj is displeased. God is pleased on such devotees. When Bapasri was talking thus, Mohanlal Nathubhai said to Bapasri, “Bapa! Yesterday I requested you and all saints that I wanted to install Murti at my house. Then you told me that it was good muhurta on the next day. So I have made preparation and have come to fetch you. So please come with me.’’ Bapasri agreed and asked Swamisri, etc. saints to get ready. Mohanbhai put Murti in the car on mattresses and cushions and on expensive clothes. In another car, he made Bapasri and two Sadgurus sit. Some devotees who were going along were celebrating the occasion and reached his house. All sat there with Jay ghosh of Maharaj. At that time, Mohanbhai said that he had a sankalpa to arrange parayana of Vachanamrt along with Rahasyartha Pradipika Ṭika. Swamisri gave different pages of Vachanamrt to saints and devotees and made them read, thus his sankalpa was fulfilled. At the time of muhurta (auspicious time) Murti was installed, thal was offered, arati was performed with Jay ghosh. Saints and devotees recited astak and kirtan. At that time, there was much rush inside the house as well outside in the compound, prasad was distributed to all. Bapasri appreciated the love of devotees before two Sadgurus. From morning till late night, all young and old are moving around us. How much need they have for salvation? All think that they perform seva thus, please them thus and all become very eager. I am very much pleased seeing the love of devotees because to keep such satsang in such region is a very great thing. ‘Well done you devotees’ saying so Bapasri came to the temple after giving them blessing of keeping them all in Murti. Since it became late, Asabhai asked Bapasri to offer meals to Ṭhakorji. Then Bapasri told Swami Isvarcharanadasji that Asabhai cared much for him. He is eager because he has understanding of greatness. I know everything. Saying so, Bapasri came to offer meals to Ṭhakorji. || 77 ||