On the morning of Fagan Sud 5th, Swami Devjivandasji asked a question in assembly, “What is the reason that the person with low intellect finds no fault in anyone?” Bapashri said, “The person having low intellect is dull and he has faith and love for Muktas so he does not find fault with anyone. The words of saints are as valuable as thousand of diamonds for him, and faults will not be seen by him. Devshi Bhakta, brother of Dhanbai of Rampar was guileless and used to give talks about Shriji Maharaj to other devotees, wicked persons laughed at; then that devotee would say look! This devotee (in that reference is wicked persons) is pleased by understanding talks about the greatness. Such type of trust he had, so he could not see the faults in wicked persons. Practical intellect is of no use in divine line. What will Divanji (Prime minister) understand if Vachanamrut is given in his hand? Passion and jealousy will enter with practical intellect and they will disturb in question-answer session and God will be forgotten, so practical intellect is not useful for liberation. If a child becomes topsy-turvy, it should be made to understand calmly. If passion and jealousy enters in talks, the talks, katha, darshan, etc will not be liked, therefore talkers should become as vast as the sea means he should become tolerant-one should be alert in avoiding the effect of attributes and if the reader forgets any letter while reading, he should be shown his mistake and should be explained peacefully. The person who is going to understand should understand by keeping peace but should not make haste and should avoid passion and jealousy. Support of Shriji Maharaj’s words should be taken but should not speak haphazardly with thickheadedness without understanding. One should not believe in anything other than Vachanamrut and should not take the support of any other scriptures. If the words of Vachanamrut are not understood, it is called dull intellect so the talk of the one who talks according to Vachanamrut should not be taken as false. Moreover the support of talks of Muktas should be taken if it is according to Vachanamrut and if it is not according to Vachanamrut it should not be taken. Vachanamrut should be believed as the principle scripture and whatever words shown by Vachanamrut should be believed, but nobody’s support should be taken in Vachanamrut. One should not compare oneself with saints but should understand the greatness. Narayanji of Bandra asked Swami Aksharjivandasji to touch every plant of millet with the faith that whosoever eats these grain or the cattle which eats grass of it will be liberated-we should understand such type of greatness. This saint is as good as the assembly of Shriji Maharaj and Shriji Maharaj speaks through them. Their words should be believed by giving up pride, wisdom and pride of renunciation we went to the house of Ravaji son of Narayan. He told his wife that Anadi Muktas have come, so come out for their darshan otherwise yam (god of death) will take away; nobody will care. Then we told him if you go at a distance, she would come. Then he said, “If she has need she should give up her ghunghat (face covered by sari) and have the darshan. But I would not go away by leaving darshan.” Such was his love. He was pleased when he offered two grains of ponk (unripe green wheat or millet) to each saint and fed them. He believed that the saints took the meal offered by him. Such was his faith. So Muktas should be listened to with faith. If we do not have love for them, their words would become as huge as mountain and not a word will be believed. If we have love for them and have faith in them they will be believed and will be understood and as a result much will be done. Vachanamrut is being read regularly but every time new meaning is got. In this assembly, Shriji Maharaj Himself is present, and there are saints like Shri Gopalanand Swami, Shri Brahmanand Swami, Shri Muktanand Swami to ask questions and Maharaj answers and He also asks His Muktas to give answers. Those sitting in this assembly offer sandal wood, puja and performing arti and garlanding- such is the assembly. If one understands in this manner, he would not apply logic and if not understood in this manner, it should be known that he has been affected by illusion (maya). If we act haphazardly according to our wisdom, Maharaj and Muktas laugh at us. Therefore one should not act haphazardly in this assembly. Who has found the limit so that greatness can be made limited? No body can found the limit. It is not the child’s play to find greatness of Shriji Maharaj and Muktas. If one makes the ink of seven seas, paper made of earth, pen of all trees and life is made for lacs of years (of kalpa), he will not be able to write absolute limit of greatness. Even great Ishwarkoti and Mul-Aksharkoti above them are unable to know it and Param Ekantik Siddha Muktas who are always with Him do not even know (the greatness) it completely, Anadi Muktas who dwell in Murti are also unable to know it. Then where is the question that our intellect can know it. Shriji Maharaj has Himself said that He is also unable to know the intensity of His greatness- then how can others know it? Someone may say that Shriji Maharaj is like thus and whatever has been said by him is his own interpretation. It can not be fulfilled by one’s own interpretation. This sect has been started by Shriji Maharaj and great Sadguru Muktanand Swami, Sadguru Gopalanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami and Nityanand Swami by coming on this earth for the benefit of infinite jivas. Today big executives should continue the work and make saint, satsangi and the poor happy. One should see that in continuing the work the controversy does not arise. Shriji Maharaj will very much be pleased if renouncers and householders are made to worship. Big executives should behave according to norms of dharma (religion) and also should make others behave in the same way-thus one should carry on the work of this sect. If you behave according to the commands of Shriji Maharaj and make others behave accordingly, Shriji Maharaj will be very much pleased. In this satsang one should have mercy on humble saints and humble devotees and should keep them happy- then Maharaj, Muktas and all satsang will bless you. Even after going to Akshardham by leaving body, he will get blessings from all satsang because he himself followed the norms of the sect and made others to follow the norms so he himself remained happy and made others happy. The divine feeling comes by blessings. By the happiness of Muktas, all are happy. Great saints like Brahmanand Swami, etc used to sit in the assembly and today also there are such great Muktas. They are from the assembly of Akshardham and they are preachers of the assembly of Murti. Where should we live if we do not believe them? The door of liberation should not be closed. Who others are going to come to tell us such thing? Today Mukta gives assurance that he will make us dwell in Maharaj’s Murti by taking away all obstacles and by making free from illusion so one should keep the feeling of servant. It is not possible to get such an assembly so his words should be taken as true and get fulfilled. Aksharjivandasji Swami used to live happily and made others live happily. At Lilapur station Purani Pranjivanbhai of Shedlavala told me that Kanjibhai was ill and took me to Shedla. Valu Patel said that he had got prepared dinner and you ate it by thought and this servant got prasadi. He said thus and allowed me to go. I (Bapashri) was very much pleased with him. On my return journey to Kutch, I wanted to visit but since Jadavjibhai was ill, I came to Kutch and Swami went to Lilapur. I was so much pleased on the servant (devotee), therefore there is happiness in servitude. Premanand Swami has also asked for such service. ‘Das Tamara dasno mane rakho nath hajur‘, Therefore one should keep feeling of servant and should care for satsang so that Maharaj is pleased and will take us to Akshardham. One should try to improve this sect so that Maharaj will very much be pleased. Therefore one should become saint and should see that two attribute viz Raj and Tam should not be allowed to enter. || 158 ||