On the day of Jeth Vad 6th ,Bapashri showing his favour talked. He said, “In this assembly Shriji Maharaj, Anadis, Param Ekantiks and Ekantiks are all sitting and liberate seekers by making them observe celibacy. Just as the king looks after his people, similarly they look after whole satsang. If there is such trust in this saint, happiness will come ,therefore such saint should be loved. ‘Het joi harijan na valo pote thaya prasanna‘ (the master was pleased by seeing the love of devotee). Shriji Maharaj becomes very pleased by seeing the love. These dear things are not everywhere. It is not at every hose.It is found at the proper place only. You have got this dear thing. These jams are tied in rags. Therefore, they should be loved like min (kind of fish) and chakor (kind of bird), and get fulfilled. If you miss this time and this opportunity,you will not be fulfilled. Therefore, if ordinary satsang is not done happiness will come. In the Samvat 1948, I had gone to Amdavad for the darshan of Swamishree. There Jadavjibhai, Vashrambhai, Kesharabhai, etc. all had reached Amdavad previous day by train from Vavania and by ship from the village of Ahir.I reached Amdavad next day. Swami told them, “Look my jivanpran (heart beat) has come, saying so he got up and met and became very much pleased. Thus Muktas made others happy. Similarly, I am making you happy. When our village was affected by plague, all ran away to the out-skirt of the village by leaving Thakorji behind. Then I took Thakorji to the farm and installed by making temple. All devotees used to come for darshan and when the doctor came for darshan he would say, “tum achchha karte ho, aahin bhagvan chhe te plague nahi aave.” (you are doing good, there is God here so plague will not affect). When devotees knew that the epidemic of plague is over, they wanted to go back to the village. Bapashri asked them to wait for ten days but Kanjibhai, etc. got agitated and demanded to give Thakorji and said they wanted to go to village. I told them that there was still plague in the village even then they went back to the village. In Kanjibhai’s family two-three members died so the doctor ordered to burn the house of Kanjibhai. Then the ruler of the village and the doctor came to our farm. He told me that had he told them, they would not have allowed anyone to enter the village. I said that I had already told them that the atmosphere has not improved and the plague was also there.They agreed that I had said so. Then they said that they have decided to burn the house of Kanjibhai. I told them instead of burning his house burn my house and plague will subside now. They kept faith in my words and did not burn his house but Kanji was kept away and all went out of the village.When I permitted, thakorji was taken to the village with playing on musical instruments and devotional songs and the village people were offered lunch. Then the ruler of the village said that the people were mourning and you are giving lunch. Then I said there is no grief for me. So, he had much respect for me and even today he does not violate my words. There was Bhojabhakta who said that the plague will not affect here in the farm therefore, you call it for me and send me to Akshardham. I told him that it would be called the next day. The plague affected him on the next day and after feeding him with seera (sweet prepared with floor,ghee and sugar) and sent him to Akshardham. The people said that since I touched him, I would get the infection. I told them that I would not get infection. We performed seven parayans of Vachanamrut at the farm and ten old people would sit. Then also Kanjibhai went to Bhuj and complained that I was doing katha-varta, so, Swami wrote to me and asked me not to gather people. I wrote to him what should I do if not katha-varta? Thus Muktas have to face hurdles. There was Surajba in Bhuj. She was not allowed to enter the temple for three days by saints. When Shriji Maharaj gave darshan to Shree Achyutdasji Swami and told him that for the last three days he does not like thal (meal) because he was not allowing His Mukta to enter the temple. Then all repentanted and Surajba was requested to come to the temple through Kothari. Similarly, if anyone misguides us, the work should be done but should not avoid it. Commands of Maharaj should be obeyed and should change our nature so that all may know he has done association and his nature is changed. Just as potable water goes in to the sea and makes the sea -water potable. Similarly, we should not differ from the commands and avoiding attachment, we should join Maharaj. Wandering here and there should be given up and should not associate with people of low nature. When the technique of satsang is understood, it is said that attachment with Muktas have been done. The darshan, touch, prasad of this saint will give benefit. Such is this Paramhans with two arms. If you remember this saint Murti will be remembered. Seera, puri, ladoo (items of meal) will become poison for a sick person and he will become weak but if healthy person eats it, he will become strong and can lift the stone weighing five maunds. Similarly, if you get the physician of Jiva, you will become negligent to this world and will get happiness of Maharaj- such strength would be got. Those who are of Swaminarayan belong to us. They should be pitied and liberated- it is our duty. Kuverjibhai, Ghelabhai, Bhogilalbhai, Dhanjibhai and you all have gathered to dwell in Murti. I will keep you. We have not gathered for anyone else-we gathered only for Murti.so you will be kept together in Murti. If someone knows kal, karma, Akshar, etc. as doers other than Shriji Maharaj he is a great fraudulent. Moreover, the one who knows Gods, deities, vaidya, medicine, jantra-mantra (megicspell) as doers is also a great fraudulent. Medicine may be the same but one may be cured with it whereas the other cannot be cured with the same medicine because if Maharaj is not in it, it will not cure and if Maharaj is there in it, it will cure the patient. If somwone knows Maharaj, Anadis, Param Ekantik as they are and afterwards he does not believe them as they are by someone’s instigation, he is also called great fraudulent. Therefore, no one should be considered as doer from Marich, etc. to Mulakshar. If one knows them as doers, he is said to be great fraudulent and if one makes false up to Prakruti, it is just like counting pits of Surat, because what did he do in it? It is already false. Shriji Maharaj has said, “One should believe himself as form of His luminescence and form of Anadi Mukta.” Just as magnet attracts iron, similarly, Anadi Muktas attract towards Murti. Just as Maharaj used to attract Mulji and Krishnaji. Anadi Muktas dwell in Maharaj’s Murti, they do not become one, live separately and with the feeling of servant. The one who does not understand that will think he can become God but how can he become God? Because how can he forget the master from whom he takes happiness? Therefore Master-servant relationship remains. Then Zinabhai praised Bhogilalbhai and Kuvarjibhai and said that they were thorough devotees because they had become short means had become Anadi Muktas dwelling in Murti. || 192 ||