Bapasri wanted to perform very big yajna in the month of Chaitra and for that purpose to make arrangement for yajna, devotees of Kanabi community were called from all villages and they had come on the day of Fagana Vad 14th. Bapasri said to all, “This is my last yajna so all of you make my yajna successful. I do not belong to your community, not caste, not father of anyone, not son of anyone and not relative of anyone. I am anadi mukta of Lord Swaminarayana and I am His incarnation. Whosoever will dine in this yajna will be given ultimate liberation by me. So whosoever wants ultimate liberation should accept invitation for taking meal.” All told to Bapasri that they would all come to dine and perform any seva shown to them. Bapasri said, “I will be seen by you only for three months and there after do not expect to see this face.” Saying so he went to the farm. There, two devotees from foreign had come for darsan. They expressed their condolence over the death of Bapasri’s daughter Radhaba. At that time also Bapasri said, “This year was of semi-famine, so what is the use of sorrow. Famine is going to come now- within a short time.”

On the occasion of the yajna saints from Gujarat were invited by writing letter and by sending telegram so they had come on the day of Chaitra Sud 1st. Twenty two saints from Amdavad had come including Swami Vrndavandasji, Swami Ghansyamjivandasji, Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. They came to Vrspur after having darsan of Ṭhakorji at Bhuj. They prostrated before Maharaj and met Bapasri. Bapasri asked Swami Isvarcharanadasji, “Why did you take so much time in coming here. I had written a letter in the month of Posh informing you that an inn has been built at Chhatri and on that occasion we have decided to perform yajna which has been fixed now. Moreover saints and devotees tell me to celebrate the occasion of completion of work of the upper storey of this temple. While celebration of both places parayana is to be done. Therefore, you along with as many saints as you wish to bring, come definitely fifteen days in advance after fool-dol celebration. Then a day for katha was fixed from Chaitra Sud 13th, Monday to Chaitra Vad 6th, Wednesday. A telegram was sent asking to come soon and get the invitation cards printed. After your arrival invitation cards will be written. Even the letter informing the same was also sent so you have come and have done good thing.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “They came to Bhuj on the day of Chaitra Sud 1st; from there, invitation cards were sent to devotees all over according to your instruction and on the day of Chaitra Sud 4th, we came here via Narayanpur in the evening.” Then Bapasri was very much pleased and said, “I was waiting for you, in the meanwhile you all came and I met these divine Murtis (saints). I am doing this yajna by calling you and all devotees for giving happiness of Murti. I had been to Bhuj for fixing the day of yajna. There saints asked me who should be called for reading katha? I said we have spent koris for the study of saints- what will they do? I am going to get it read from them – saints agreed.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! Dhanjibhai’s death was a great loss but his sons are prudent.” Bapasri said, “They are really so. They told me not to change the date of yajna and what to say about Dhanji! At the time of leaving his body, his sons asked him if they should fetch Bapa here. Dhanjibhai said that I had given him divine sight and had shown him happiness of Murti. He said that Maharaj and great saints were there- they are all luminous. Bapasri was also there. His sons asked him where Bapasri was. Dhanjibhai replied that Bapasri was having bath in the stream of river- go and fetch him. I was bathing in the river. There his sons came to fetch me so I went. I praised Dhanjibhai”. Saying so, Bapasri’s eyes were full of tears. Then I said, “Sons are also like him. I told them not to grieve for Dhanjibhai-he has sat in the happiness of Murti. By my advice, they did not allow a single drop of tear to come out of their eyes and celebrated it like a wedding ceremony. This yajna is also to be performed like a wedding ceremony.” Saints said, “The one whom you met and showed your favour is like that- it is without doubt.” While talking thus, it was twelve in the night. Then saints were told to go to bed and Bapasri himself went to bed. || 129 ||