On the morning of Fagan Sud 5th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “There lacks nothing in satsang but some saints feel that they have no blanket, no bowls, etc and householders feel that no body gives them importance. They do not understand that they are getting chance to sit in this Brahmsabha; how can they get it? Therefore Sadagurus and saints (below the cadre of sadaguru) feel even though their food and clothes are of the same quality- it is the sorrow of mind. Mahaprabhuji has brought as much bliss as there is in Akshardham for all of us and that bliss is given to the wretched in the same proportion-therefore one should not feel sorry. It is just like the prince of the king does not know his riches. We should not love body and should take the bliss of the Akshardham. Body is bahurupi (assuming different guises)-today it is well and tomorrow it will be ill. If we keep our eyes on it, it will make us forget God. Therefore body should be ignored. If someone’s nature is not proper, we should not take fault but if he differs from panch vartman, he should be known as noseless and should be abandoned. Maharaj should be prayed that He should protect us from bad company and restrain us from betraying great Ekantik. We should make efforts and should concentrate on Murti. We should not wish to have super power or to perform miracles. They all are fruit bearing. The happiness which is from other than Murti is like the seed of gunda (a kind of fruit/ vegetable meant for pickles). Time is wasted in sticking to it and then tries to free from it like flies. One will be imprisoned for nine months (has to remain in mother womb)-it is great loss. When the passion is avoided from Jiva, one will become happy. We want to liberate all. This assembly is even above Akshardham i. e. this assembly belongs to Anadi Muktas dwelling in Murti and Maharaj is also gracing the at the centre of assembly. Those associated with Anadi should be known that they are in the cadre of Anadi. If it is understood that such great Muktas are there in satsang whole satsang will be divine and will become like Anadi. One knows the greatness of the king of Bhuj but does not understand the greatness of Muktas. At present, you are sitting with us so your worldly thoughts have gone away. Thus, if you always remember worldly thoughts will go away. Peace is got by darshan of Muktas. This much happiness is got by sitting outside, so when realization is achieved in Jiva, there will be no limit to happiness. This is the talk of much benefit. Some become miserable even after remaining together with such great Muktas. This is so because there is some defect in their faith, in understanding of greatness and in firmness. The proportion in which the love is elsewhere the faith in Maharaj and Muktas will be less in that proportion. Those who were in this assembly and sitting in this place have gone and have not come back. They have gone because of the fault of bad company. Therefore the bad company is more harmful than the nature. Ashrams like celibate, saints, and householder are all wrong and have to be given up. The wisdom of this world is like the grip of Brahmrakshas. Since you have love for Maharaj and Muktas, will show you the happiness of Maharaj as it is at the time of death. The real direction is in hand and the escort is also proper. Therefore any obstacle will not be allowed. Those in this assembly will not be allowed to remain separate. This blessing was given. Then he continued that if this satsang is believed as home, the feeling of atheism will be avoided, and if fault is found in satsang or if there is any wicked thought about it, it will be like vajralep (it will become strong just like welding) and he has to go out of satsang. Until the Jiva has no relationship with Muktas or God, it is called Jiva. When this relationship is established, he becomes subtle form of Brahm means he has become the form of Shriji Maharaj’s luminescence. Even the great barrister or the king does not know how to sit in this assembly then how is it possible to get knowledge? Such knowledge is there in today’s satsangi. The covering of pind (body) is greater than eight coverings (Pruthvi, Jal, Tej, Vayu, Akash, Mahattattva, Ahankar and Prakruti). If it is pierced means all coverings till Mul-Aksharkoti have pierced. It can be pierced by knowing the greatness of Maharaj and Muktas. Some ignorant Jivas though they have become saints, celibates, satsangis by leaving such happiness, they take medicine for the mortal body against the command. By leaving such happiness Muktas never took medicine. Shri Parmanand Swami had the illness of hot wheather. When a saint came to apply the paste of sandalwood he requested by saying that what was the use of keeping this sinful body. He wanted to go in the bliss of Maharaj but did not want to live in the sinful body. He said that for which sin he should remain in the body because it is like the pool of hell. He would not let any one know even if he had fever, headache or any disease. When Shri Santdasji of village Muli had fever, he would go in deep meditation and felt that he had no pain. When one would go in deep bliss of Maharaj all his senses will be contracted. Such matured saints are there in this satsang. They appeared as if they are helpless. Such saints should be looked after by those who occupy chairs/ status in the temple, but should not be displeased. If they are displeased it will be a great sin.” || 129 ||