On the morning of Fagan Vad 13th, Sheth Baldevbhai of Amdavad asked a question in the assembly, “Whether the darshan given in dream by Shriji Maharaj and great Muktas are like the visible (pratyaksha) darshan or with some difference?” Bapashri said, “Darshan given by Shriji Maharaj and great Muktas in dream are as good as visible (pratyaksha) darshan. There is no difference in it, because for them there is nothing like the state of awakening, body, etc. Darshan given in the state of awakening appears more to the person getting darshan because it is given to him directly but darshan given in dream remain hidden inside and the soul is allowed neither to know it nor to tell it; it is stopped. The one who has become realized and is happy in the happiness of Shriji knows that Maharaj gives him so much happiness to some one dwelling in his heart. This knowledge comes to him who dwells in Murti constantly. Muktas give discourses in the talk on it; it is always new because it is limitless. Similarly the bliss of Shriji’s Murti comes to Mukta always in new form. Just as there are infinite things in cosmos, similarly there is endless bliss in Murti. This is known only to one who has realized. By constant efforts and by becoming the form of Lord Purushottam one can get that bliss. Those who are not engrossed in Purushottam, will not achieve that bliss and they can not live in it. When there remains nothing of self, it should be known as the state of pativrata (the woman who dedicates her life to her husband). Those who have become such will be happy and those who are proud of their self will be unhappy. The one who is fully engrossed in Mahaprabhuji’s Murti, should be known as firm believer and the one who is engrossed in passion, lust and enjoyments, can not be called firm believer. The one who takes prasad Murti (Murti offered as prasad) and printed Murti as equal should be considered as firm believer and the one who does not take them as equal has not become firm believer. The one who has become firm in his belief (atmanishtha) and whose vision sees everything in the form of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti- for him prasadi or without prasadi, both are equal and his base is sound. The one who is proud of body keeps pagla (footprints), prasadi for getting service from his disciple and increases the importance of prasadi but prasadi is means and Murti is goal (karan). Therefore, the tendency should be in the form of Murti. That is to be done without fail. The one whose vision has not become the form of Murti and who is the beginner, prasadi purify him and makes him remember Maharaj. The one who wants to realize Murti should forget everything and concentrate only on Murti. If there is attachment in the object of prasad and if it is remembered at the time of death, there will be hurdle in salvation. A preceptor remembered charanarvind (foot print) at the time of his death so he had to take rebirth as a worm. Therefore, tendency should only be for Murti. Everything else is binding without Murti. || 78 ||