On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 9th, the 5th Vachanamrut of Loya was being read in the assembly. In it there was reference about the characteristics of deceitful and honest person in the first question. Bapashri said, “One has resolution about Shriji Maharaj that He is God but if he is deceitful and does not allow to disclose his deceit, he will have to take rebirth. Just as Mulji Lohana stole box of ornament, but he had to come back from a distance of twenty miles -it will happen the same way. He had faith in Shriji Maharaj but since he committed theft, he had to come back from the distance of twenty miles to return the box- similarly deceitful will have to take rebirth. Therefore the body and mind should be surrendered to Shriji Maharaj and great Muktas. The nature of mind is wavering. “Latki latki jat hai, zatki vishay fal khat” Sitting here he remembers Amdavad, Muli and safe and boxes and house-holder remembers the family. You have surrendered your body, mind and karma and have accepted Shriji Maharaj and Muktas as your fate. They have left nothing behind. It is difficult to become satsangi. The satsangi is one who has no faith elsewhere except in soul, God, and saint and scriptures written by them. He is said to have surrendered his body, mind wealth, and karma. Shriji Maharaj told Somla Khachar that half of your activity is for us and other half is for the world. Every thing should be surrendered to Shriji means senses, mind and Jiva should be attached to Murti- this is said to have surrendered every thing in true sense.

If the house-holder keeps aside tenth or twentieth part of his income is the lowest kind of charity and associating with great Muktas for a month or a two in a year, is moderate charity and getting attached to Murti of Shriji with senses, conscience and soul by getting engrossed, is the best charity. These are three kinds of charities -every house-holder should give and one should not drop any one of it. We should not think that since we are doing association there is no necessity of keeping aside 10th or 20th part of our income. If you are doing meditation and if you see Murti in meditation and associating with Muktas, even than charity meant for religious purpose should be given fully. From that charity money saint should not be fed and dhoti should not be given and this money should not be spent on pilgrimage. There is no harm if this money is spent for God’s clothes, ornaments, to purchase land for building temple, and spending on mattresses, vessels, food grain, ghee, jaggery for temple.

Kalyan Bhakta asked, “If Acharya wishes to grab the money meant for God, what should be the method of charity?” Bapashri, replied, “It is the order of Shriji Maharaj that administration of charity money should be done jointly by Acharya, saints, and satsangi. If Acharya does not behave accordingly and behaves independently there will be anxiety in satsang. From this upset there will be groupism and there will be difference of opinion and this may lead to legal procedure -such will be consequence and to solve the dispute the committee may have to be formed. Therefore Acharya should refrain from such action. || 53 ||